What is it about Elsa from nagyelo that makes her qualified as an actual hero?

Keep in mind that the test of heroism is to do what ever you can even if you don't have anything special.
Anna went after her sister to restore their kingdom,she fended off against wolfs,she was worrying about her kingdom after Elsa threw them out,she sacrificed herself for Elsa after seeing Hans wanting to strike her down and even gives Kristoff a new sled and saves Elsa...again.
My problem is that Elsa doesn't do much in this story and every scene with her painted her in not a nice way.
I mean yes she wanted to protect Anna and her subjects even to the point of living in a kastilyo far away where there's no way to live and even prepared a birthday party for Anna for weeks but...have you heard of the phrase "Show don't tell". Why couldn't they have shown her progression instead of talking about it.It would have made her character arc much madami interesting and emotional if they showed madami of her.So with all of her dumb decisions,as unintentionally selfish as they are make her look like a rude person.
I just want to ask you what is it about Elsa that makes her worthy to be called an actual hero compared to what Anna has accomplished?
 Renegade1765 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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nagyelo Sagot

Eleni4ever said:
You are right. Elsa is never portrayed in a nice, lovable way. For some reason the animators ended up making her look like a scaredy-cat that runs away from her problems and doesn't do anything. Even in nagyelo Fever (worst short ever) Elsa ends up looking like a ridiculous goof because of her fever (which kills me 'cause she is my paborito character). At the end of the movie, she does find a way to melt all of the snow and somehow get a grasp on her powers.
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
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