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posted by kkprettygurl
Chapter 3:(Katrina)
When we entered the classroom, an upset looking boy with black hair that covered his left eye was there.
"Hello, Yuki-san,'" he said.
"Hatori, how are you?" Yuki inquired.
Cut the crap and lets leave! I thought. Instead:
"I'm fine, you?"
"Alright. This is Lauren and...." Yuki started, but Hatori (apparently hes called that) cut him off.
"And Katrina Sohma, years of the soro squirrel. I haven't seen them in years! They madami than likely don't remember," Hatori said.
"So the cat was right? They are zodiac members?" Yuki looked stunned.
"Yes, shocking isn't it? Any way," Hatori...
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posted by kkprettygurl
Chapter 2 (Lauren)
You could tell Katrina was happy when pretty boy walked up to us.
"Yes we recently moved here from America," she said. One thing about her was, she kept every thing she felt a secret. However, I've lived with her for 15 years, and I can tell.
"Are you in class 2-D?" Yuki asked.
"Yeah," I said, before Katrina could.
"May I ask your names," He asked
"Katrina and Lauren Sohma," Katrina said.
"Sohmas? As in Akito Sohma?" kahel tuktok perked up.
"Hes our dads cousin. I've never met him, but I heard about him when we were little," I answered.
"Are part of the Zodi........" Orange...
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posted by kkprettygurl
 Kyo "orange-top" Sohma
Kyo "orange-top" Sohma
if you know the legend of the Chinese zodiac, then you should know that there are fifteen mga hayop not twelve. the mga hayop are, the rat, dog, monkey, horse,boar, tiger, sheep, bunny, rooster, cat, fox, and squirrel.
In Hapon there is an ancient family, the Sohmas, who are cursed with these animals. since there is no way to tell who is going to be cursed, many of the Sohmas have stayed close to tahanan for the protection Akito, God of the zodiac, offered.
However, a few of the family, those not cursed, have left. Kyoko and Katsuya Sohma did. They went to America. As unlikely as it is, both...
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posted by kkprettygurl
 kyoko and haru
kyoko and haru
"Kyoko. Its morning. Wake up." Tyler, Kyoko Smiths older brother implored her.
"So? What do you want?" Kyoko asked, sitting up on her kama spread. Her hair was messy, and her old make-up was smeared all over her face.
"Haru-san called," Tyler said, "Did something happen?"
"Does it matter? I don't want to talk about it. Get out." Kyoko said. She had enough problems without adding Tyler to the mix.
Kyoko got up to find her phone. Last night, after Haru had dumped her, she had slung it against the wall. Ah-ha she thought, picking up her phone, which was in her closet. She read her new texts, three...
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Not Your Typical Southern Belle Chapter One
"Wake up," Miss Tainer demanded.
I rolled over and ignored her. I wanted to sleep some more. It was too early to get up.
"Now," she yelled into my room.
I quickly sat up and rubbed my eyes.
"Fine," I grumbled.
"Hurry up and get ready," she said, "we have people coming today. And they want you!"
"Sure they do," I sinabi as I rolled my eyes.
"Stop doing that," Miss Tainer demanded as she came over and grabbed my jaw bone, "this is why you are sixteen and not adopted yet, Harmony!"
"Whatever," I spat as I pulled my face away from her face. 
Great today was just...
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posted by yamiXyugi
The sky was growing dark when it all happened. I was strolling through the park, the same as any day. I was alone, all alone. i looked up to find not one ulap in the sky.
'Night already?'i thought. i looked at my watch. 3:00pm it read. "That's odd,"i said. I decided to go tahanan then.
As I made my way home, things got weirder. There were no cars on the kalye and no lights on in any of the apartment buildings.
i turned down an allyway, my usual way home, when i felt an unatural tugging sensation in my gut. I didn't know why, but i was suddenly walking in the complete opposite direction of my house.
It felt like my body was under someone else's control. I started jogging, then running.
"Stop it!" i yelled. I tried to force my legs to stop moving, but as soon as i tried, i felt a searing pain go from my forehead to the base of my spine. i screamed and everything went black.
posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
My name is Scarlet Malone, I live in Forks with my father Josh. My mom died at the first of the summer so I had to come here from Texas. It was horrible, I was all alone since my dad was a doctor, and it was always raining. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I
am 15, I don't consider myself a goth or emo but I like to wear black and listen to punk and metal music, I have blonde hair, I am not tall but I am not short, and I am an only child. The only sport I really like is BMX, that was one of the things I bought here. My bike is dayap green, purple, and black. It is one thing...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Quill and Embry left after breakfast because they had to be somewhere. I think they had to go on vacation with their family before school. Embry's family and Quill's family were going to the same places but they did not mean to do that. Or that was the story. Quill and Embry planned it together. I do not know why, they can be weird. But a good weird.
I followed Jake to the shed out behind the house. We were fixing up motor cycles. Jake was giving it to me for my 16th birthday. He has also been teaching me how to build cars for as long as I can remember. Cars are so interesting, their are certain...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
It's complicated, that's how Jacob would all ways start the story whenever I asked him why I was different. I looked nothing like the Black family, I didn't favor a single one of them. They all had dark hair and dark eyes while I was the complete opposite. White blond hair and blue eyes. I could barley blend in, my hair and eyes gave away but skin was just as tan as it could be.
I knew the story Jake was going to tell me, I asked about this a lot. But mainly at bedtime.
Every night right before kama I would ask Jacob Black "why am I different?" and every night he would tell me this " it's complicated...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It was the final school day. The students of senior class were impatiently waiting for the kampanilya to announce the beginning of the vacation. Cam glanced his watch every five segundos en Sophia impatiently tapped her fingers on the table
And than…rrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg!!!
The students jumped up and ran outside, to the vacation. Cam, Sophie, Lucas, Sarah, Andy and Haley were sitting on a pader outside the school gate. They were planning their vacation.
“So, everything’s arranged for our city trip?” Andy asked.
“Yep, there’s no way back now” Lucas said.
“I still don’t get what’s so exciting...
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