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So, you have finally decided to get a German Shepherd puppy. Could be a great choice if you did your homework ahead of time! German Shepherds, also called Alsatians or GSD, are also known for having many great qualities that one would look for in a dog. Some of these include strength, intelligence, loyalty and obedience.

Well, now that you have decided to purchase the German Shepherd tuta the tanong arises, where is the best place to purchase the puppy? Most GSD owners would agree that the best place to purchase a new tuta would be from a registered breeder. This is sa pamamagitan ng far the best way to...
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posted by REDWolfleader
I'm Pagsulat this artikulo in memory of my best friend, a paborito dog,and the most kind and well-behaved dog I've ever had or seen. Rugger(pronunciation Roo=gerr) Rest in peace, heaven,and so on so forth. 2002-2008

German shepherds may be the only breed of dog I've had but their the only damn kind I'd recommend. Rugger was such a loving caring dog I just wish he was still with me today. I swear, If I had 1 wish It be to have him still alive today!He was always good to me and Pretty much Invulnerable... Just not to fucking cars! Fuckin assholes don't fuckin know how to drive. This is exactly what I would say if I was in the dude's car that ran Rugger over,"Hey ASSHOLE!!! Lookout!!!"
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posted by phila67
I am a private owner of a German Shepherd and whilst at the present time Breed Specific Legislation does not directly effect the German Shepherd breed in the UK, there are motions across my region to bring in legislation that WILL effect German Shepherds and many other breeds.

As an admirer an owner of GSD's, I feel that suggestions from governemnt and council authorities are unjust and I wanted to bring awareness to people about the current I started an online tindahan promoting and selling merchandise with my own designs, highlighting the "Deed Not Breed" message.

I was hoping...
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