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posted by lovetv
All the Grissom/ Sara Moments:

1x02: "I don't even have to turn around. Sara Sidle"
1x03: "Tape me up"
1x03: "You okay?"
1x07: "One of us needs to be with her at all times"
1x09: Mile high club
1x10: "Sleep with me"
1x10: Decomp Pig Scene
1x10: Less Latin
1x16: Sara cries in front of Griss
1x17: He helps Sara with chess.
1x19: They exchange a flirty smile when Sara matches the paper to the printer
1x23: "Sometimes the harder thing to do is to do nothing"
2x02: Huge invasion of personal puwang
2x03: atsara
2x05: The Chalk Scene
2x05: "According to Mr.Bugman"
2x11: Jealous!Grissom (Greggo)
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posted by lovetv
Gil Grissom: There is always a clue.

Gil Grissom: I just got a page from James Watson.
Nick Stokes: And I got one from Francis Crick. What's going on, Greg?
Greg Sanders: Well, as you both know, Watson and Crick are the granddaddies of DNA. Without their discoveries, I'd have nothing to do all day.
Nick Stokes: What have you been doing all day?

Gil Grissom: Where's your enthusiasm?
Greg Sanders: Whenever I find a match in here, my world gets a little smaller. Out there I felt large.
Gil Grissom: Out there means a pay cut.
Greg Sanders: I'm not about the money.

Gil Grissom: I can't tell whether...
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