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From security that pulled Jessica & knock Jessica head :

I'm really sorry about yesterday. I though she was tagahanga that want block the way so I knock her head. But she don't care about that and block the way again. So, I pulled her and she screamed. Her sunglasses is drop at the floor and I was so shock that is Jessica. She fainted for a minute. She screamed like a dolphins. All SONEs at here are angry to me. One of SNSD manager come to Jessica. He is angry to me and say "You can't recognize Jessica & the fans?" and i just say "I thought she was SONE because she is not wearing a make-up...
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Some of you may or may not agree with me on this so I give fair warning ahead of time...I don't care...jk. But seriously SNSD is a fun fanclub for me for the sole reason of figuring out which SNSD is most liked, hated, underrated, or overrated.

I won’t bore you with my long story of being introduced to SNSD but i will say that only one member got me into this group and it is Sunny. I saw her short blond hair on a YouTube video and was hooked ever since.

My point of Pagsulat this is because a lot of people keep trying to help me understand who is pretty, who is not pretty, or my paborito "This...
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Hey, guys. I just wanted to share a funny news with you all. Back to the topic...

2PM's Taecyeon is a lucky man, he's got pretty much every single girl group member chasing after him. I think it's ligtas to say, he's going to have a Merry Christmas.

On an upcoming episode of KBS' Invincible Youth, the G7 members revealed they were fans of 2PM and chose their favorites.

SNSD's Sunny, T-ara's Hyomin and Kara's Goo Hara were on their way to buy a pasko tree, after raising money from selling red sitaw filled tinapay (찐빵). But when they arrived at the store, they were mesmerized sa pamamagitan ng 2PM socks. They...
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Girls’ Generation alum Jessica Jung attempted to return to her former group but her mga kaibigan reportedly turned her down.

A taon after Jung’s departure from the popular K Pop group, several speculations emerged on the possible reason behind her sudden exit and her alleged attempt to return to the group.

Twitter user @RealSamchon revealed that Jung initially planned to go on hiatus after Girls’ Generation’s Tokyo Dome tour last year, but she had a change of puso and asked to stay in the group.

However, the members did not want to let her back. In fact, they had already prepared for her farewell...
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Girls' Generation's Sunny gives payo about breast implants

Sunny and other guests were asked sa pamamagitan ng a viewer whether she should use her entire savings in order to augment her chest or to go off on a trip to Europe. Though Park Ji Yoon and comedian Kim Sook advised that it was best that she spend her money on surgery, Sunny took the other side.

The Girls' Generation member said, "I think it's better to go to Europe. When you go to Europe, you'll see a lot of people who wear clothing that works for them regardless of breast size. I think it's better to go to Europa and gain madami confidence as well as experience. I think natural is better."

What do you think of Sunny's advice?
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