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posted by BlondLionEzel
(Part 1)

*Sea of Japan*

Fishing bangka Captain: *Laughs* This bad weather is nothing!

Fishing bangka Member #1: Compared to your ego...

Fishing bangka Captain: What was that?

Fishing bangka Member #1: Oh, nothing.

Fishing bangka Captain: Good. Now, lets bring in the nets!

Fishing bangka Member #2: *Runs in frantically* Captain! Captain!

Fishing bangka Captain: What is it?

Fishing bangka Member #2: It’s...huge! *Passes out*

*Suddenly, the bangka begins shaking and turning*

Fishing bangka Captain: Hey! What’s going!

Fishing bangka Member #1: Um...captain...

Fishing bangka Captain: What is it?

Fishing bangka Member #1: Um..it...uh...

Fishing bangka Captain: SPIT IT OUT! *Turns around and sees a large thing*

Godzilla: *His eye is staring straight at the Fishing bangka Captain*

Fishing bangka Captain: *Screams*

Godzilla: *Puts the ship in his mouth and smashes it in half, and then roars*

*A few days later, Tokyo, Japan*

Nick Roy: *Riding his bike through the city* I gotta get to the office!

*A few minutos later*

Nick Roy: *Walks into the News Office* I’m here!

Takashi Nobunaga: Nick! You’re not late this time!

Nick Roy: Yep! It’s a new record, right?

Faith Lewellyn: *Walks in* Hello!

Takashi Nobunaga: Faith! Welcome!

Nick Roy: Hello. How are you?

Faith Lewellyn: I’m doing good.

Nick Roy: Well that’s good to know *Sighs* Any new stories?

Takashi Nobunaga: Well...a bangka in the Sea of Hapon was sunken...we need a messenger to get some info...Nick!

Nick Roy: Yes?

Takashi Nobunaga: I want you to go.

Nick Roy: Really? Yay! *Jumps in excitement*

Takashi Nobunaga: Well it’s starting soon, so get going!

Nick Roy: Okay!

*Later, the Press Conference*

News Reporter #1: So what sunk that ship in the Sea of Japan?

Scientest #1: Well, we don’t-

News Reporter #2: Is it an alien?

News Reporter #3: Is it a dinosaur?

News Reporter #4: Was it a natural disaster?

Nick Roy: *Gets up* My fellow reporters, I think that we should give these scientists a time to talk!

*All of the news reporters go quiet*

Scientest #1: What I am trying to say is that we have found footage of this creature we have named “Gojira”.

Nick Roy: *Raises his hand*

Scientest #1: Yes?

Nick Roy: Why did you name it Gojira?

Scientest #1: Well, it is the combined words for gorilla and whale, Gorira and Kujira.

Scientest #2: We chose this name because it seemed to swim well and it appears to be quite strong.

Nick Roy: *Raises hand*

Scientest #2: Yes?

Nick Roy: Where is it heading?

Scientest #2: We have predicted that it shall appear susunod in Tokyo Bay.

*Suddenly, all of the crowd becomes loud and boisterous*

Nick Roy: Tokyo...

*Suddenly, an earthquake shakes the ground*

Scientest #2: It’s an earthquake!

Nick Roy: *Ducks on the ground*

News Reporters: *Run from the building*

Nick Roy: *Jumps on his bike* I need to find Faith! *Rides his bike through the breaking city*

*Suddenly, a large foot steps susunod to Nick Roy, missing*

Nick Roy: *Falls off his bike* OW! *Looks up* Now way...

Godzilla: *Roars and blasts his Atomic Breath at the conference hall*

Nick Roy: *Starts to run and ducks behind a piece of rubble*

Godzilla: *Fires another blast at Atomic Breath at another large building*

Nick Roy: *Runs*
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OMG i just got news from something its about the susunod godzilla film! ok heres the thing aliens called killiaks grab 6 monsters(baragon,mothra,rodan,anguirus,varan and king caesar)and mind controlled them 4 monsters (megalon,godzilla,gorosaurus and godzilla jr[what???]) are left behind and the killiaks have amonster called Deathdestroyah and in the last fight scene all 10 monsters taam up to fight deathdestroyah only anguirus,gorosaurus,godzilla and rodan survived the fight 5 segundos later godzilla jr was tought to have been killed but he got up and deathdestroyah burst into flames and then all 5 monsters go back to their tahanan island and there were 9 eggs and they will hatch into new monsters thats all and the movie is called super kaiju
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Rap song about Godzilla sa pamamagitan ng nercore rapper "Tonezee"
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A 3 way battle!