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 "You were just what Chuck?"
"You were just what Chuck?"
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Alright here’s the susunod chapter. Sorry again for the late update, I’ve been swamped in with homework and tests (STILL! ERGGGH!) I know,,, and exams aren’t even coming yet, well ….kinda…
So, hopefully this will meet most of everyone’s approval. Inspired sa pamamagitan ng one of my favourite show, My Wife and Kids.
And OF COURSE as always thank you for all your beautiful reviewsJ You have no idea what that means to me when I get an email saying that someone had reviewed my story/favoured/alerted.

Note: I do not own any Gossip Girl characters.


3:00 pm.
Serena and Blair came back from their bathroom break, opening the door and making their way through the miniscule car.
“Hi Waldorf.” Chuck greeted slyly.
Blair just wrinkled her nose in disgust flipping her delicate coffee brown hair at him and went to sit susunod to Serena.
Blair’s stomach was burning with rage. How could he just act like everything was fine?!! He thinks everything can just automatically go away if there was a problem he couldn’t fix. Usually sa pamamagitan ng now Blair would be answering him and giving into him. But not this time. She put her foot firmly down.
Chuck sighed. This was harder then he had hoped for.
“What’s wrong Waldorf?” Chuck asked as if he didn’t know.
“YOU KNOW DAMN STRAIGHT WHAT IS WRONG!” Blair snapped at him, pushing her face only a few centimetres apart from his.
That was a great silent treatment she cursed to herself.
Chuck’s expression was unreadable. He himself couldn’t tell his own emotions either. His eyes were softened at how much he saw her pain hiding away from her fierce frail body. But a playful smirk was dangling on his lip at her attempt of the silent treatment.
“I knew you couldn’t stand a minuto without me.” He slurred playfully.
“Shut up Bass, I don’t want to talk to you.” Blair whispered losing her eye contact with him.
Chuck’s face slightly dropped as he slowly pleaded.
“Blair…please I was just…”
“Just what? You were just what Chuck?” Blair swirled back at him tears rimming around her shiny glacy eyes as Chuck looked away.
It was silent. Chuck slowly looked around the car feeling uncomfortable, finding three pairs of eyes starring intensely and curiously at them listening in on their conversation.
“YES?? May I help you!?” Chuck glowered at them.
All three of them turned their back pretending to be distracted, Dan and Nate trying to make conversation, and Serena pretending to examine her perfect manicured nail.
Blair turned her back to him as well wiping away the dangerous tears that were slowly slipping onto her velvet cheek.
“Blair..” He whispered again touching her arm while she pulled it away roughly.
He tried again except this time gripping onto her hand, swirling little circles with his thumb against her palm.
“I’m sorry.” he rasped out.
Blair’s back continued to face him.
“I’m sorry.” He repeated.
“I’m so--”
“You know what?” Blair cut him off.
“I hate that fucking word. Sorry. Sorry. That’s all I hear. You know what I’m sorry too. I’m sorry for being imperfect, I’m sorry for not being good enough. I’m sorry for getting myself into this fucking mess. I‘m sorry that no one cares about me!” Blair cried trying to catch her breath as her tears planted onto the floor.
Chuck couldn’t stand this. He knew damn well the way she was killing herself, she was really killing him. Why was it so damn hard to not be afraid. Why was it? Fear filled his body from head to toe, that he could literally feel his blood swirm around him uncomfortably. But this was for Blair. Blair. Blair made him escape from his own fear, helping him becoming a better stronger man for her everyday. Because…well…because he..
“Blair, I pag-ibig you.” Chuck breathed.
Serena, Dan and Nate immediately turned their direction back to them listening off the edge of their seats.
“And you know what, you are a snotty, stuck up basstard, who only cares for himself and----wait….. what did you say?..” Blair asked hesitantly making sure if she heard that right, or if it was another one of her daily pantasiya dreams.
“Ouch Waldorf, I say I pag-ibig you and you call me a snotty bastard?” Chuck chuckled softly.
“I Chuck Bass, fucking pag-ibig you Blair Waldorf.” He boomed this time enunciating on pag-ibig holding her steadily sa pamamagitan ng her waist.
Blair just sat there stoned. She felt dizzy. She gasped for air. Time felt like it had literally stopped as her mind starting rewinding back listening to each word he sinabi one sa pamamagitan ng one. She slowly lifted her eyes to meet with his. His warm eyes searching into her pagbaba every thought, exposing every emotion that she left unsaid. The universe had stopped working, and her body had stopped moving. The only thing left working was her heart.
He smiled at her squinted uncertained eyes.
“Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.” Chuck laughed throwing all his fear away.
He first grabbed his phone and scrolled down to his contacts deleting all the female contacts on his listahan except for hers.
“Chuck…you didn‘t have to do that..”
“Of course I did Blair.” Chuck smiled.
“And what, do you expect me to alisin all my male contacts on my phone now?” Blair asked.
“No worries Waldorf. I already had the pleasure to do so.”
“You BASSHOLE!” Blair laughed charging after him taking him down pinning him against the seat.
“Is there something with us and cars?” Chuck asked smiling at her attempt to hold him down while he grabbed her small waist carefully flipping her over to her back side.
She squealed now looking up at him slowing down her breathing as Chuck spoke.
“I know this isn’t how you planned me saying it this way, I know you wanted to be paraded with bulaklak and jewellery. And god knows this isn’t romantic stuck in this car with annoying 1, 2, and 3 over there. But damn it Waldorf I pag-ibig you, and I fucking can‘t wait any longer. I fucking don’t care about anyone, but you.
“PLEASE GET ON WITH IT!” Dan whined.
“SSSHHH Dan please! Nate and I are trying to listen here!” Serena shushed him.
Blair shot up giving both of them a piercing deadly look.
“To our ipods!..” Serena sinabi quickly recovering.
“Wait, I don’t see any ipods out, I thought you two were listening to --”
“OH WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP! I’m trying to tell Chuck I pag-ibig him!” Blair demanded.
She gasped and smothered her small hand over her o shaped mouth after she realized what she sinabi out loud.
“Thanks guys….” Blair mumbled.
“Sorry.” Dan and Serena both whispered looking down.
“What did you say Waldorf?” Chuck asked beaming his eyebrows starting to deepen near his eyes, and his lips fumbling from where his smirk left, but was replaced with a soft smile.
“She sinabi she loved you man!” Nate sinabi smiling at Chuck.
They all zipped their mouths shut as Blair took in another deep breath lightly pressing her lips to his cheek, holding it there.
“Bass, I pag-ibig you. And I‘m not embarrassed to say that. I pag-ibig you Chuck forever.” Blair whispered, every word vibrating on his flesh sinking in into his blood.
She could feel his puso racing and a smile escaping through his kulay-rosas tender lips.
“You know what Waldorf?” Chuck asked smiling.
“What?” Blair let out breathlessly.
“I think we should put on a ipakita for our little mga kaibigan here. To ipakita them what pag-ibig really is.” Chuck sinabi huskily before caressing his hands carefully down Blair’s back and pressing his lips on hers.

“I sinabi I was sorry Serena!” Blair whined to her best friend whose head was knocking on the window repeatedly.
“I don’t think bashing your head will help you sis.” Chuck smirked.
“I can try. Anything that can get my mind off the larawan of yours and Chuck’s naked body. Especially Chuck’s.” Serena groaned repulsively to Blair.
“We told you to look away! It wasn’t my fault either, it was Chuck’s!” Blair giggled tugging on Chuck’s kwelyo dragging him closer towards her.
“EWWW GUYS! Dan, doesn’t this bother you?!” Serena asked outraged continuing to slam her head on the car door.
“Of course! That’s why I’m trying to squirt some water into my eyes and clean my ears from the noise I heard earlier too.”
“EWWW!” Serena whined.
“OKAY GUYS STOP!” Nate yelled breaking Chuck and Blair apart as Chuck growled in disapproval.
“Look we are very happy for you two, but seriously, enough PDA already.” Nate exclaimed.
“Archibald you didn’t know what PDA was until I told you. May I remind you, that you thought PDA meant personal digestive--”
“AH ENOUGH CHUCK!” Nate whipped in before letting Chuck finished. He did not want a trip down memory lane.
“Yeah, Dan and I don’t make out with each other non stop in front of you guys!” Serena exclaimed.
“EWWWWWW!! You guys actually do that?!” Blair choked.
“What? You think we never made out before?” Dan asked baffled slightly embarrassed.
“Yeah. I mean, Serena how do you halik him non stop without choking?! That’s impossible!” Blair exclaimed in shock.
“Gotta agree with Waldorf there.” Chuck nodded his head.
“GUYS!” Serena yelled once again defending Dan.
“Alright, alright.” Blair and Chuck agreed and nodded, looking at each other holding in their mischievous giggles.

---------------------------------------2 days later…--------------------------------------------------

“Archibald, Humpty-Dump, we have a problem.” Chuck informed the guys as Blair and Serena left for their bathroom breaks.
“What now?” Nate asked.
“AND PLEASE do not let this be another story about you and Blair.” Dan added in.
“No, actually, just to warn you guys, Serena and Blair are going to be madami crankier and emotional then usual, and Blair madami bitchier.” Chuck huffed.
“Actually the bitchy part I don’t mind.” Chuck reconsidered his eyes glowing, his mind imagining the endless ideas.
“What, why?! Oh noooo… PLEASE don’t tell me they’re fighting over me again.” Nate sighed rolling back into his seat.
Chuck and Dan snarled and rolled their eyes at the same time.
“Please Nathaniel. Believe it or not, they’re not. Let’s just say their monthly cycle is here again.” Chuck sighed.
“What? I don’t get it.” Dan asked confused.
“Jesus Humphrey, I know you are from Brooklyn but I thought you were at least taught that in your elementary school.” Chuck said.
“Wait, what? I’m lost.”
Chuck sighed again.
“See Humphrey, every buwan or so, women go through their --”
“NOOOO! I DIDN’T MEAN THAT!” Dan yelled covering his ears.
“I meant how did you know that?” Dan said.
“Ohhhhhhh, wow Humphrey susunod time be madami specific.” Chuck snickered.
“Well I know that because I overheard Serena and Blair talking about it before going to the bathroom.” Chuck said.
“You mean you were eavesdropping?” Nate laughed.
“Hey I gotta keep up with Blair is doing.” Chuck smiled proudly.
“Right…But I still don’t get it, what’s so bad about their little monthly cycle?” Nate asked clueless.
“Nathaniel dear--”
“Don’t call me dear.” Nate interrupted quirking his eyebrows.
“Right. Nathaniel, there’s two cranky, emotional women stuck in a small car with us, and one who is a violent shoe killer.”
“So, just don’t get them mad.” Nate sinabi simply shrugging his buff shoulders.
“To Chuck that isn’t very easy.” Dan laughed.
Right then Blair and Serena made there way back to the car and in their seats.
“So what did we miss?” Serena plopped herself down susunod to Dan.
“Oh not much.“ Chuck grinned.
“Well I‘m stoked for susunod month!” Blair laughed giddily.
“Why is that Waldorf?” Chuck asked grinning from seeing an excited Blair.
“Because, Serena and I are going to watch a national ice skating competition!” Blair squealed.
“Oh my god, umm B…. I totally forgot but….” Serena started.
“This should be good.” Chuck mumbled.
“I sort of, well Dan and I are going together….” Serena sinabi sheepishly staring at the floor.
“WHAT?!!!” Blair screamed.
“S! We’ve been planning this for months!”
“I know,,, I know it’s just Dan….”
“We’re best friends. You’re always with Humphrey!” Blair shouted cutting her off.
“How about we do something else, umm like movies, or a sleepover!” Serena pleaded desperately not wanting to make this into a bigger argument.
“No S. We barely hang out anymore like we used to, it’s like we’re going different ways. How….you….said…I…and you….we….” Blair started gasping for air at every word, tears making its way down her cheek.
“B….”Serena sinabi tears starting to shed as well.
“HUMPHREY THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!” Blair yelled pouncing on tuktok of Dan.
Chuck immediately pulled her away from Dan who was getting crushed. The only person Blair should be jumping on was him.
“SERENA! HOW COULD YOU?!!” Blair screamed pushing Chuck away from her.
“What?!! How is this my fault? I know but, Dan was there…and ….”
“UGHH! Fine bass and I will go together.” Blair demanded putting her arm around Chuck’s shoulders.
“Wait, whoaaah, I am not going to watch men and women swirl in tutus on ice, unless you are doing the swirling.” Chuck licked his lips smirking at her.
“PERVERT! How come you intentionally make every sport I actually like disgusting?!! And YES you will go!” Blair demanded grinding her teeth together.
“First of all it’s not intentionally, it’s natural. And secondly, I don’t consider ice skating as a sport.” Chuck stated.
“Oh really, and what to the old mighty Chuck bass is a decent sport?” Blair snarled at him.
“You know,,,,,,,, basketbol ,,,,,baseball..” He sinabi trying to sound confident from his slight pause.
“HA, you don’t even know how to play them!” Blair laughed slapping her knees.
“Waldorf, I already told you I have athletic-syndrome.” Chuck stated rolling his eyes.
“Oh yeah right, sorry I forgot about your so called syndrome. And I have the bass syndrome.” Blair scoffed sarcastically rolling her eyes back at him.
“It’s a curse. Everyone knows you can’t stay away from me.” Chuck smirked at her frustrated face.
“Blair, you can have my ticket I don’t really care either.” Dan offered trying to break up another one of Chuck and Blair’s banter.
“WHAT?! Dan you promised me you will go!” Serena screamed at him.
“CHUCK! Why not?!” Blair screamed back at Chuck.
Nate just watched from the front upuan the fight unfolding even madami while watching Serena and Blair sniffling and complaining about their boyfriends on each others shoulders and Dan and Chuck sitting there helpless fidgeting uncomfortably on their seat.
“Men..” They whimpered.
“Women..” They huffed.
“I’ll go with you two.” Nate suggested.
“Really?” They both sinabi together looking up towards him.
“Yeah.” He sinabi wrapping his broad strong arms around the two blubbering girls.
Dan and Chuck just sat there getting ready to kill Nate.
“I’ll grab his head, you grab his legs.” Chuck instructed, and to his surprise Dan nodded in agreement smiling wickedly.
“Jesus, never mind Humphrey you are too creepy like this.” Chuck mumbled as Dan just rolled his eyes.
He sighed as his puso began giving in. Or he could say melting in his body from her.
“Oh alright Waldorf, I’ll go with you and watch men with tutus.”
She scoffed. “It’s fine Bass, Nate has kindly volunteered. And, plus I don’t think you will even get it.”
“There’s nothing to get Waldorf. All there is to it is, men and women twirling in circles, over and over again and the prissy guy holding the girl in the air flashing a fake smile.”
She snarled. “You think it’s that easy? Chuck, I bet you couldn’t even lift me up.”
He sighed deciding to let her win the battle this time. “Yeah, you’re right.”
“WHAT!!!!” She screamed slapping him over and over again on each side of his cheek.
“OWWW Waldorf, I know I’m new to this relationship thing, but I never read anything about a girlfriend hitting her boyfriend.” Chuck yelled as he used his arms as a shield blocking an upcoming slap.
“UGGGH! Chuck you are hopeless! I can’t believe you just called me fat!” She spat.
“No, I …wait, what?!!“ Chuck howled running his fingers through his hair.
“CHUCK! I can’t believe you!” Serena hissed at her step brother stroking Blair’s head.
“When did I ever call you fat Waldorf?” He exclaimed.
“I said, I bet you couldn’t lift me up, and you sinabi you’re right.” She scoffed, proving her point then pushed her head back onto Serena’s golden shoulder.
“No I meant--”
“SShhhh, no, you are telling me I’m fat Chuck. Okay I get it. You don’t have to make up lies. I know I’m fat, and I know I’m ugly, and I know I’m not pretty,,,,,and I know--”
Before she could say anything else, he grabbed her arms and kissed her softly and innocently on the lips before releasing her trying to catch his breath.
“I fucking hate it when you say that.” He sinabi clenching his teeth. “You are the most beautiful women alive. I just wish you could see yourself like the way I see you…..which is perfect.” Chuck breathed sincerity pouring through his eyes his puso slowing down.
“And I mean every damn word.” Chuck added knowing what she would say. She stared at him for a minuto suddenly beginning to slowly see his tense eyes starting to water. Was Chuck bass actually crying over her own self-esteem? He slowly looked away, blinking back the sudden burning feeling he felt in his eyes.
Her ruby lips slowly curved up revealing a breathtaking smile, before carefully wrapping her slender arms around his neck. He inhaled her perfume trying to remember the scent forever. He closed his eyes, slowly cradling her back and forth. Was it possible for her to fit so perfectly like a jig saw piece in his arms. And not only that, but she completed his broken puso that he thought no one could ever mend.
“How did I ever get this lucky?” She whispered before sinking her mouth into his, letting their mga paru-paro escape from their stomach, on to the tips of their tongues, where the true sweetness really was.


Sorry if anyone didn’t like the whole “I pag-ibig you” thing that S,N,D kept ruining it, but they’re all stuck in a car so what do you expect? =] I tried to keep it at realistic but warm as possible. =]
And of course I’m not trying to be offensive to women. Hhahah since I am one myself. And that is what we go through…. …..(maybe in the less dramatic mode though) Pain in the ass.
R E V I E W S . A R E . L O V E D .
 Now you know that someone thinks you're beautiful B.
Now you know that someone thinks you're beautiful B.
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I mean, obviously. Chuck/Blair has been a near-constant battle. Games were part of the foundation of their relationship ("You and I bonded over a mutual pag-ibig of scheming"), games were part of their undoing. Season 2 is inundated with dialogue about games and stakes, winning and losing. Games + Chuck and Blair's king and reyna pretensions = every chess and war cliche reference in the history of ever.

Also obviously, games aren't the point. S2's sabotage, schemes, wagers, and ~seductions are just a way for Chuck and Blair to channel their feelings for each other into a safer type of...
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 What's that noise B?
What's that noise B?
Read Part 1 if you haven't already:)

Read Part 2 if you havent already:)

Read Part 3 if you haven't already:)

Hey! Okay to start off I just want to say I’m so sorry with the lack of update! I’ve been extremely busy with homework, and tests. So I’m soooooo sorry. And thank you to everyone who continue to read my chapters, and for the reviews.
I really wanted to get this chapter done so I wrote this in one night (and didn’t do my homework ahem lol) so I had to make it up sa pamamagitan ng hiding my laptop the susunod night so I wouldn’t go on it. Oh wow, I know..loser =]

Oooo and, I cannot wait...
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 Back together at last!
Back together at last!
Chair Tales S02E11- Meet The Parents

It's the morning after the pag-ibig in Limo incident. Blair and Chuck are still in New York at a hotel suite where they stayed the night. Blair would be meeting with Dan and Serena that morning to go back to Connecticut. Chuck had told Blair that he was staying in New York for a week or so on business and that she should go tahanan with Serena and Dan and he'd see her when he got back home. She'd agreed and told him that things would be different when they were finally reunited at home, things would be better. He sinabi he couldn't wait to put the past behind them...
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 Welcome Back!!!
Welcome Back!!!

Ok, So these are similar to Chair Tales, but maybe shorter....
You'll have to rewind your mind right to the beginning....so this is set around season 1, but some things you will find are different, one example, Blair and Nate have never dated. So at the moment the "GG Gang" are all good friends. Chuck and Nate are best friends, Blair and Serena are best friends, Serena is good mga kaibigan with Chuck and Nate. Chuck and Blair have their typical early Season 1 "Poison Ivy" kind of relationship. Nate and Blair are also friends.

PART ONE - A Mid Summers Night Visit

Gossip Girl: # Hear Ye,...
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Okay it has been sooo long that i updated these chapters but i was dieing of boredom tonight and i decided to... i have written others that u shud check out... lol...so like always here goes nothing!
"Wait, what?" Serena sinabi with a sarcastic laugh not believing a word Blair said. "I cant take it anymore Serena! I tried to help him since the night of the Snowflake Ball when Lily told him the news. I tried and tried Serena, I told him i loved him and he dissapeared for a month, I told him I would always be there for him an he insults me sa pamamagitan ng telling me to stop playing the role of the wife?...
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hello everybody! i am so sorry it took me so long to write a chapter 4 but with the holidays i havent been around long enough to concentrate! i live in massachusetts so i had no power for a week and a half with the storm and all! but in this chapter i am going to be doing alot of bouncing around with the characters! this shall be interesting! so be aware! lol. thx for pagbaba i appreciate all of you for being so patient! enjoy!

"What time is it?" Nate sinabi looking at his watch. Him and Serena had been waiting for Blair to be ready for almost an oras now. "Well what do you expect Nate?...
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