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posted by groovychicklisa
 Will she tell him the truth ?
Will she tell him the truth ?
How he could he do that to her? After all the things have been through, how could he sell her out to Jack of all people? They both hated Jack – Blair for everything he did to Chuck when his father died and Chuck for Lilly’s attempted rape. Did he really hate her that much? But how could she do that to him? Revenge?
B-“All i ever did was pag-ibig you!”
C- “The worst thing I’ve ever done, the darkest thought i ever had you sinabi you’d stand sa pamamagitan ng me through anything – This Blair is anything!
B -“I never thought the worst thing you would do, would be to me!”
C- “You went up...
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“Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?”

Author: LittleDancer-123x (Melanie)

Rated: T+ because of occasional language, and strong references to eating disorders.

Published: December 11th 2008

Story Type: Multi-Chapter

Summary: Inspired from the line “Do I need to stick my finger down your throat and hold your hair back?” 2x13. Goes back to freshman year, and works up to present day, how Blair’s disorder developed and how Chuck was there along the way. Multi-Chapter. CB, SB friendship.

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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
*This oneshot is not connected at all with the other fanfiction I put up on here. It takes place sometime into Season 2. Blair has tried everything to make Chuck jealous and even if there are signs of it occurring, they are very subtle. Chuck had tried his very best to put on a bravo face and appears to be the very bass he was, before he ever slept with Blair. Blair finally cannot take it anymore. She is heartbroken. She wants only him and can’t even seem to create misery for him to make him pay for what he’s done. She goes to him, to confront him on her feelings and to tanong his own....
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