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Phoenix- a car manufactured sa pamamagitan ng Pontiac

Trident (that Poseidon carries)- a brand of gum

Titan- a model of full-sized trucks manufactured sa pamamagitan ng Nissan

Trojan- a brand of condoms

Hermes- Hermes bags/purses. Hermes is also the logo of FTD flowers

Atlas- Atlas, a book of maps

Ajax- Ajax, the popular household cleanser

Apollo- a car manufactured sa pamamagitan ng Buick
Versace- the logo for Versace is actually a representation of Medusa

Olympus- company that manufactures cameras

Starbuck's- the logo of Starbuck's is a Siren

Dove soap- kalapati soap was inspired sa pamamagitan ng Aphrodite's symbol the dove, and Aphrodite was the goddess...
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Taken from The Greek Gods, sa pamamagitan ng Evslin, Evslin, & Hoopes.

This happy fellow had the misfortune to be an excellent musician - a realm Apollo considered his own - and where he would brook no rivalry. Hearing the satyr praised too often, Apollo invited him to a contest. The winner was to choose a penalty to which the loser would have to submit, and the Muses were to judge. So Marsyas played his flute and Apollo played his lyre. They played exquisitely; the Muses could not choose between them. Then Apollo shouted, "Now you must turn your instrument upside down, and play and sing at the same time....
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This is just a little story i wrote for English class last taon and i thought i should post it. Tell me what you think!

Persephone, goddess of spring and flowers, tediously packed up her things and trudged miserably down to the underworld. Her visit to Hades made her mother Demeter, the goddess of harvest, so sad that the air would turn bitter, frost would bite the plants and crops, and the leaves would shrivel up and turn an ugly brown before falling to the ground. One crisp fall day, not long after Persephone’s first visit to the underworld, Demeter was helping harvest the crops...
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