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posted by xXNikkiHeartsXx
 charlotte Watsford
Charlotte Watsford
Portrayed by: Brittany Byrnes
Age: 16-17
Power: Boil Water
Freeze Water
ilipat Water
Make fires
Family: Gracie Watsford (Grandmother)
Annette Watsford (Mother)

charlotte is the granddaughter of Gracie Watsford, who was a mermaid. She goes to the same school as Emma, Rikki and Cleo and is very munipulitive.

She has a passion for art, she also has a sudden crush on Lewis. She draws a picture of him after Cleo claims she needs puwang to learn to control her powers, charlotte takes this and tries to get Lewis to go out with her. charlotte had a relationship with Lewis McCartney, but their relationship didn't work because Lewis still loved Cleo. After charlotte Nawawala her powers, she promised not to tell the girls secret and remained mga kaibigan with Lewis before moving on


Since she jumped into the moon pool alone, she got all the three powers. She can boil water, freeze water, and ilipat water. Also she can make fires, just like Rikki.
She's got gorgeus eyes...I don't think she deserves last place, I think she has prettier eyes than Cleo!
Big,blue..What can I say madami than adorable.No one nagkomento on this one...I don't know why neither that or why she got out first, maybe they thought that they had to pick a mermaid with the prettiest eyes.That will always stay a $$MISTERY$$ xD
It's no wonder she got out next.Her eyes are just plain considering the other eyes.Very small, brownish-green.Some say she has the prettiest, we have different types of opinion!
"Cleo's eyes are okay, almost half of my mga kaibigan have the same...
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