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This HaleyDewit litrato might contain pagiging kaakit-akit, apila, hotness, bustier, pampitis, and leotards.

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What’s wrong with me
I no longer seem to find a reason to be happy
Trying to hold back the tears searching their way to my cheeks
Swallowing the scream that’s trying to escape my throat
What wrong with me
Trying to walk away from the darkness that’s surrounding me
Hoping there’ll be a araw where I can see things clear
Hoping one araw I’ll find my way back home

You better run, run, run, rus as fast as you can
Before I drag you down

I’m a pile of misery
I’m a tormented soul
I’m a prisoner of loss
Captured between my walls
I beg you nice from my knees
Take away this agony
I’m a wreck
‘Cause since...
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I keep running to places I should stay away from
I keep committing actions I can’t make undone
I keep spilling words that should remain in my head
‘Cause I don’t want to spoil something this perfect

I keep changing the rules of this self invented game
I keep changing everything that should stay the same
I’m verbalizing words I wish I could take back
‘Cause I don’t want to ruin something this perfect

I want you to whisper my name
And make it sound like a scream
I want you to take me to places
I’ve never been
But I know if I’d listen to my puso I’d regret
‘Cause I don’t want to ruin...
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I give this movie a three out of five stars. I thought a lot of scenes were dull and long-winded, and whenever there was some action, it didn’t last long. Add on that certain aspects of the plot were quite predictable. I did pag-ibig Jennifer Lawrence’s acting, though. I had only seen her in The Hunger Games and unlike many others I wasn’t blown away with her performance, so this was a pleasant surprise. Michael Sheen’s pagganap didn’t differ much from his role in Twilight, so it begs the tanong if he played so stiff, because he was playing a robot, or because he’s just… stiff. Any Michael Sheen fans pagbaba this, feel free to point me to a movie where this actor really shines. This was also the first time I experienced Chris Pratt’s acting, which was very good, very natural.
So, if you’re looking for an action-packed thrill, this probably isn’t for you.
If you’re looking for something romantic, you’re covered.
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