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1."STUPID NATURE FREAKS!!!Just give me a couple of porkchops or a live cow,and stay out of my life!"cried Grover.
2."I AM AN IDIOT!I am so dim-witted and inferior to you!I bow down to your great intelligiance!I DEMAND A WEDGIE FROM YOUR SERVANTS!!!"cried Annabeth bowing down to Percy,and the entire Hermes cabin.
3."I wish I was madami like Nico,he's so emo and cool! "said Percy.
4."Oh Poseidon,I am unworthy to be in your presence!"cried Athena.
5.Tyson sat sa pamamagitan ng the Poseidon cabin pagbaba a book with Einstein on the cover,"Hmm,what does p equal?"He wondered.
6."Stupid stuck up "heroes",I mean,you always...
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1)You take ALOT of personality quizzes to see who's your greek parent.
2)Your in pag-ibig with one of the fictional characters of both Camp Half-blood series.
3)Your notebook is filled with drawings of half-blood characters.
4)You've joined at least 10 Camp Half-blood
related clubs.
5)You constantly tell your mga kaibigan and siblings
how great the series is and how AWESOME half-bloods are that they feel like punching you in the face.(If they haven't read the books)
6)Ever since you read the Camp Half-Blood books,
you decided to dress up as a half-blood every taon for Halloween until you run out of people.
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