Halo Poem about Spartans

PePs95 posted on Aug 19, 2011 at 03:26PM
By me, don't know if the English is entirely correct:

Oh great Spartans,
Reason for our pride,
Humanity's only hope,
End their stride,
They won't cope.

Oh great Spartans,
March into the fight,
Heads held high,
Do what is right
Make them lie,
Down on the floor and bleed,
For that is what we need,
For you to suceed.

Oh great Spartans,
Closer to the edge,
Closer to our death,
Extinction is impend
Exctinction is how we end

Oh great Spartans,
This is the finale,
We won't walk away,
We are in a rally,
Defending our planet,
Our existence,
Our souls.

Oh great Spartans,
Let's sing our anthem,
For saving the world,
We will defeat them,
We won't let them feast,
For they're nothing but beasts,

Oh glorious soldiers,
Show them our destiny,
Show them who's wrong,
Let us sound the gong,
For we will have won.

Halo No ang sumagot