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I vas born on ze 23rd on July, 1990 in a hatchery in Germany., ze son of proud, headstrong Puffins. My parents moved my family to ze Coast of Copenhagen Denmark soon after I was born. One of my earliest memories vas of ze ocean and ze sunset off ze rocks where our nest was. I was... different from ze other puffins my age, in ze sense zhat i vas madami bold and daring than they.

My father , Heinrich, saw a spark in my zhat he had not seen since he vas my age. Und so I vas sent to a training camp in the Galapagos to be trained as a solder and a secret agent. I vas ze only puffin there und so I vas...
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I don't understand why Hans has only 110 Fans.
He has to be the Coolest thing on here! and yet no one seems to know he exists! Dude the last Post was over a taon ago! You people either forgot he exists or have no Idea how to use a keyboard!
Hans is my all time paborito Creature in the Universe! He has a German Accent, Long Laugh, Fun Attitude, Cool Personality, and he has a very interesting past. He is Awesome! I think He deserves a little madami attention.
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Hans Is My paborito Person or puffin I should say in the universe. He can make the most straight faced people smile, and the most boring stick in the muds laugh. He has a cool German accent, A long laugh, And looks pretty cool to! He is one of Skippers many Enemies, Which is not a job for the faint at heart. He is funny, smart, sweat, and my paborito Trait Manipulative. I can't help but smile when I see him on TV. He is all in all one very Cool Very smart Puffin. Like this artikulo if You Agree! : )
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"BOOM!" It was 7 in the morning, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private and I woke up.

"What was that?" I asked. The penguins sat in their kama with no reply." I'm gonna check it out. " I said. Private replied me," Wait for us, Icy!" All of us jumped out from the HQ, it was Hans!

"Ah, Skipper, I was transferred from the Hoboken Zoo."Hans smiled at Skipper. Just before Hans attacked Skipper, Hans looked at me for almost 5 minutes.

"Greetings, lovely lady. My name is Hans." Hans bowed like a kind gentlemen. "Um... Hi, I'm Icy."

"Icy, don't!" Skipper said, "Don't talk to that puffin! He's evil I tell you, evil!" I replied,"He's an evil puffin?"

I turn to skipper. I didn't look back, Kowalski screamed,"Icy, look out!" without looking, Hans captured me and hid me somewhere they'll never find me...

To Be Continued...
skipper and his palls sat at their beds, they just had arough araw they fught with each other, but Skipper was alert, like always, thenb, he could hear someone knocking the door, or the fishbowl, he runned towards the enter, he hoped to see a lemur and hayop ng oter or even Mandy, but what he saw was something that ruined his happiness: Hans the Denmark puffin.


"hey Skipper, I need your help, could you come out here?"

"why should I?"

"because last time we met I didn't try to kill you?"

"maybe because you were fighting androids?"

"look, I changed, and I have a deal!"

"a deal was what made me public...
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Lilly arrived at the HQ,"Where is Skipper?" Lilly was surprised to see the HQ empty. Lilly heard a scream of help.

"Help!" I scream out loud. Lilly saw a hole and went down to help. "Skipper?!" Lilly saw Skipper, he was worried...

"Lilly?" Skipper looked back at Lilly. He felt much better. "Hans..." Skipper sinabi with a sigh,"I'll Be Your Palsy Walsy, i promise. Please let go of Icy."

"I'd never thought I'd see the day." Hans replied with a sigh," I will let go of Icy." Skipper and Hans pulled back the cage gently.

"Kowalski!" I started to cry."It's alright." Kowalski also started to cry. Skipper kissed Lilly and Kowalski kissed me...

"Lilly," sinabi Skipper," I'm so sorry that i wasn't in the HQ." Lilly replied,"It's Okay, Skipper." Skipper hugged Hans, whispering," I'm sorry, Hans."

Hans whispered back," Alright, Skipper. I will accept your friendship."

~The End~
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Hans took me to his secret lair and put me in the cage,"Hans, let me go!" I shouted.

"Ha! Wait until your boyfriend, Skipper, rescues you." Hans sinabi while pulling up the chained ropes.

"Skipper is not my boyfriend! Kowalski is! Skipper is Lilly's boyfriend!" I shouted angrily.

"Who's is this 'Lilly'?" Hans asked,"Lilly is my friend." I replied. When the penguins' found Hans's secret lair, they saw me and Hans.

"Kowalski! Help me!" I screamed,"Hold On, Icy!" Kowalski was unlocking the cage. Skipper was about to attack Hans when Skipper was trying to remember what happened the last time. Skipper was worried when and Hans was about to attack him.

To Be Continued...
Skipper woke up looking at the floor, feeling his head heavy, he noticed he was verticaly placed, he didn't understand until he looked up, he saw something that made him understand what was happening: Hans was looking evily at him, wearing a big, black tuktok hat and a black bow, Skipper noticed he was being held in a vertical platinium plataform, he had 4 cuffs ataching him at it, all his team was outside, you could hear the song of the wedding. Skipper reacted.

"Hans! what is this for?!" he asked

"I know you like her skipper, but I can't let you ruin the best moment of our lives, so in the night...
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Skipper woke up with the sound of Hans voice

"hey skippa!" he shouted

"wha?" he sinabi mumbling

"my petsa with Marlene was perfect! I asked to be her boyfriend and she accepted, I am sooo in pag-ibig with her!!"

"ahahaha, h-how good Hans, how good..."

"skipper, you really like her right?"

"no, NO! I dont like her!"

"hahaha, anyways, you lost, I got the girl skipper, so you Nawawala the oportunity!"


Just when the conversation seemed to continue, Marlene entered though the fishbowl

"hey skipper, hy hans" she sinabi as she rushed at him, hugged and kissed him, Hans continued hugging her, and turned to skipper,...
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Skipper sat at his table, drinking his coffe, he just had a fight with his team - a simulated fight - and they won - he had teached them right, but just then someone knocked the door, and when skipper looked up, it was someone he hated, someone he thought he was over with, someone who made him a public enemy, it was no one else than Hans, the puffin.

"HANS?! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" he shouted in atonishment

"I came back from Hoboken, you cheated on me!" he shouted angryly at him

"ok, ok, sorry, but it was MY revenge!" he shouted back

"ok, anyways, I have my own habitat!" he sinabi ipinapakita skipper his...
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