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Through magical worm-holes connecting fandoms, Hermione and Bella are transported together into a dark, unknown, place…

(This is just after the completion of both series)

Hermione: What just happened? Where am I? Harry? Ron? Hello?

Bella: Holy crow! Where am I? Edward? Where are you? Where’s Renesmee?

Hermione: Who are you?

Bella: I’m Bella Cullen. Edward Cullen’s wife.

Hermione: Oh. I’m Hermione Granger. Um, Ron Weasley’s girlfriend, I guess. If that’s how we’re introducing ourselves.

Bella: Have you seen Edward? He is the most gorgeous thing to walk the Earth. I am his, and he is...
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posted by karthu1993
.There is a reason why I am Pagsulat this article. Both Harry Potter and twilight are fictional stories. They are enjoyable books or films ( and the characters don’t exist) . But some people, especially teenage girls are taking this too far. They have fallen in pag-ibig with imaginary characters in twilight and it seems to interrupt their daily and personal life. I have read several blogs and chats on several sites saying so (they are happy about it). The thing is that the characters in twilight are not 100% likable or acceptable for them to see the story or the characters unique. There are...
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posted by jointhehunt
Bella sisne is a good character, but hermione is madami iconic. If you take a servey of how many people know bella sisne or how many people know hermione granger, hermione would simply win. Bella is a school girl who lives in forks with her dad. Nothig special about her. Hermione is a wizard who goes to hogwarts and knows almost every spell there is. She is very smart. Just for those reasons hermione is better. Bella is older. hermione is braver. I have many mga kaibigan that pag-ibig twilight, and me, I am a HP fan, and I assure you this is my opinion.In my eyes, Hermione over Bella.
posted by zar_far11
 Hermione risking her life for her friends, fighting Death Eaters
Hermione risking her life for her friends, fighting Death Eaters
Hermione is a great role model for all of us HP fans. But there are still Twilight fans out there who believe that Bella sisne is a better icon. So, I thought, 'OK, why not compare the two and see the conclusion'. I am a HP fan, but I will not be bias. I will state the good and bad in both Hermione and Bella. So let us begin.

Cons: Acts like a know-it-all at first, bushy hair and large teeth at first, sometimes bossy.
Pros: Determined (to find all the horcruxes, defeat Voldemort, find the Philosopher's Stone, do well in class), bravo (went head-on-head with Death Eaters at the Battle...
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