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posted by funnycow123
one araw bryer sasha ivy and amber fell into hole and was stuk

Then the hole opened up wider and swallowed them and they went through the portal and into the hetalia world

and the ivy fell in the whater and as dronding

then germany saw her drowning and saved her aru

and then amer brok her arem and puncted bryer

then bryer punched america and sinabi "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ARU?!?!"

the sasha climed a puno and started to read im a killer

Then everyone else came and told america that they might know informatoin about the axis so they fixed ivys arm and took them to the house and bryer fell...
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posted by BeB
 "I'm so sorry!!!'
"I'm so sorry!!!'
I own nothing, but pray for all those affected sa pamamagitan ng the Twin Towers incident. I hope I didn't offend anyone~ And may everyone who was affected heal, and the people we Nawawala rest in peace... thank you and enjoy this fanfiction.

That day... That araw I felt something wrong, I thought it was paranoia.

But I was wrong, because that day, when the plane crashed... I was at a UN meeting and suddenly my head hurt.

"A-Ahhh ow!" I gripped my hair and felt blood dripping from my nose, my eyes already stung and I heard so...
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