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posted by jennifertj
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is a fifteen-year-old teenage Viking who was once was a weakling but now a hero from saving his village from a huge dragon that tried to attack his Village.

He lives with his father, Stoick the Vast who is the chief and he infact is an only child. It's a mystery that we don't see his mother in HTTYD because she might have died in a battle long nakaraan when Hiccup was little.

All his life, Hiccup had been bullied, laugh at and disrespected sa pamamagitan ng his father since he was a different Viking and didn't belong. Now that he was a hero, his life changed with everybody respecting for who he is.
posted by DragonTrain101
"I'll die before I talk," Hiccup spat. He was not going to tell these murderers where Toothless was.

"And die you shall," the leader of the group sneered. "But not before we get some answers. Take him to the ship and lock him in a cage. Make sure he's chained up."
--line break --
Hiccup sat in the corner his cage. He could feel them sailing away from the island. The leader left a few of his men to paghahanap for Toothless and Dagur. His good leg was chained to the pader farthest from the cages door. The chain was to short for him to reach sinabi door. Directly across from him, was Gronkle and a Deadly...
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