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Answer: my Rob wearing yellow
Answer: Robbie is cute here <33
Answer: Paul wearing black<3
Answer: the D
Answer: Mitch Hewer.
Answer: hottie
Answer: Revenge Mann
Answer: Bowie
Answer: David
Answer: J.B!
Answer: Maximilian Befort
Answer: My darling <3 (maybe not the greatest hand-picture...
Answer: Here is my sexy Rob Pattinson with Kristen Stewart...
Answer: Jamie Dornan's sexy photoshoot<3
Answer: it seems he is surrounded sa pamamagitan ng idiots :D
Answer: where is the Bow?
Answer: Chris Hemsworth.
Answer: Gary oldman
Answer: with Joey again
Answer: Chatwin looking fiiiiiiiine :)
Answer: Kevin Zegers
Answer: Sam claflin being silly (and incredibly sexy at the...
Answer: Gorgeous babe looking to the left
Answer: David Bowie
Answer: the Bowie side
Answer: my stunning,gorgeous Robert<3
Answer: Zac
Answer: that baby face <33
Answer: Jensen!
Answer: he was so bravo
Answer: Matthew looking the best, here. :)
Answer: the Bowie
Answer: who else than Emily
Answer: Gabriel Mann
Answer: super cool doll
Answer: Robert Knepper with a mustache! :D He's so cute and...
Answer: HL
Answer: Knobber
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen <3
Answer: cute painted Bobby form 'devianart'
Answer: hmmm do I?
Answer: madami tuta than human *-*
Answer: the sexy Jamie Dornan looking at us<3
Answer: Rob and his cool & cute boy Ben <333
Answer: Biersackk
Answer: my Rob was born to wear white shirts
Answer: That look though!
Answer: matt lanter! soo cute<3
Answer: fluffy madala <3
Answer: being so stylish should be illegal :O
Answer: here is a manip of my beautiful British babe in box...
Answer: <3
Answer: a calm road...and a dreamy Rob
Answer: Matt's burning sexy and freaking cute!! <33333333
Answer: Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz eating watermelon.Two t...
Answer: <3
Answer: RDJ styla bitch:)
Answer: Jb
Answer: Jensen being funny...LOL<3
Answer: a cool b&w pic of Jared<3
Answer: Matthew with a smirk :D
Answer: indio...
Answer: Stunner!
Answer: pag-ibig supras!
Answer: Nemily on set
Answer: Sleepyhead. =D
Answer: pag-ibig
Answer: :P
Answer: my handsome baby with some of his Twilight co-stars...
Answer: I really like this one.
Answer: they should halik now XD
Answer: Jack and Finn ♥
Answer: Godfrey
Answer: Mitch
Answer: Tony in Percy Jackson
Answer: Taylor Lautner's beautiful tsokolate brown eyes<3
Answer: Alex has a great sense of style
Answer: Robert's sexy chin<3
Answer: Little Matti with the cutest smile <3333333
Answer: definition of confusion
Answer: Tony with a saging
Answer: some Davie pag-ibig under the paliguan *_*
Answer: on this fanart
Answer: JB smile
Answer: wet Leto
Answer: LOL
Answer: zexy Zac<3
Answer: blue Ealy
Answer: Too hot to handle!
Answer: I pag-ibig this so much <3 he's nearly crying
Answer: Nick Wechsler
Answer: the meaning of my life ♥
Answer: Kendji Girac
Answer: my amazing Fanpop sister,Krissy,aka kristenfan10109...
Answer: Rob Knepper <3
Answer: Matt dancing in a scene from Chuck :)
Answer: Leto
Answer: Twilight hottie,Kellan Lutz posing for his Men's He...
Answer: Aidan in Quantum Break
Answer: Luke