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Performed sa pamamagitan ng Sherie Renee Scott.
From the brand-new musical the Addams Family,based on the TV show. Enjoy!
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Les alcanes sont des hydrocarbures saturés. C’est-à-dire qu'ils ne sont constitués que d'atomes de carbone (C) et d'hydrogène (H). Les alcanes se différencient des hydrocarbures insaturés (les alcènes, les alcynes, et les composés aromatiques) par le fait que les atomes ne sont liés que par des liaisons simples, ce qui donne un nombre maximal d'atomes d'hydrogène (d'où le nom de "saturé"). Les alcanes non cycliques possèdent donc une formule brute de la forme CnH2n+2 où n est un entier naturel

Réactions chimiques des alcanes [modifier]
Les alcanes existent en grande quantité...
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uplaoded sa pamamagitan ng Damienrice
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the blower's daughter
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Hope you have happy holidays.

This is a cadley fanfic I wrote for you. It's in Cameron's POV.

I remember:
The first time I saw you,
The first time we kissed,
The first time you sinabi ''I pag-ibig YOU''
And when you walked away from me

The first time time I saw you-
You were in the ER looking for a case. When I saw you, my stomach filled with butterflies, fluttering around like wild. My mind went blank. You were beautiful. Long brown hair tied into a rough ponytail, porselana skin and bright green eyes that could look through you and into your soul. I didn’t know why I was feeling this way. I’d never...
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Little Dorrit BBC Theme
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