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 The moment the entire episode was leading up to
The moment the entire episode was leading up to
I’m devastated like I’m sure many of you are, but I think season 7’s “Bombshells”, while not a typical House episode AT ALL, was amazingly written and a very cool chance for everyone involved in House MD to branch out a little bit. People are extremely mixed about this episode, some pag-ibig it and some hate it and a great majority of that has to do with the very eloquent dream sequences that the ipakita decided to explore. This artikulo is going to attempt to break down each dream sequence and get at the message the writers were intending with each dream.

The basic idea of the dreams were...
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Ahaha. This made it to The best of :D
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I was just watching some clips from season 2 and mostly 3 and I really enjoyed them.
And I already new that but now I know it more!
I miss the old team!
I miss Cameron's Poor Dead Husbands issues!
I miss Chase's daddy and fat issues!And his hair!(yum!)
I miss foremans eye-rolling when Cameron was being ethical!
I missed all that!
I want the old team back!
The new team hasn't really grew on me now...
I mean 13 has grew on me but foreteen really is ruining her for me and I really don't care about Taub.
And ok Kutner is super hot and funny but he is just not enought.
When are they going to bring the old team back?
I really want to cause if they don't I have this weird fear that 13 is gonna end up halik house as every female on the show!
I think that the new team experience was ok and fun to watch but now its time to go back to the basics and brink the old cottages back!

Do you agree?Say in the comments!
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