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Well, you know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on Youtube
slow motion
hugh laurie
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posted by maverickangel35
 ...are you screwing with me?
...are you screwing with me?
    “You’re not stopping me for medical reasons. You’re stopping me… because you have the hots for me.”
    Lisa tried not to smile, but there it was. And there was the laughter. She couldn’t stop it.
    “God! She does, though, it’s so freaking obvious…” Lisa protested, standing and stretching her cramping calves from remaining in the same position for so long. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Can we try it again?”
    “You’re stopping me… because you have...
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posted by partypantscuddy
Okay so this site hates me and won't let me post a link using the iugnay so I'll post it here.

I started Pagsulat this last week, and you can see the iugnay below. There are two chapters so far and the third is almost finished. The jist of it is what I think would happen if Lisa came back for the series finale. So don't be afraid to read it and leave comments on the posts, they're on my live journal, and anonymous comments are enabled so you don't even need an account to comment. I hope you like!

posted by shenelopefan
"In love. I´m in pag-ibig with him."

That´s what Lisa thiks every moorning before go to work. She have breaksfast and sometimes she cries, bacause she will never be avaliable for loving him.
She look herself in the mirror and thinks:
"Poor woman, she can´t pag-ibig him."

She, finally, go to the House md set. She fell terrible. The lights, the crew, the make-up. She say hi to Robert, and he tells her:
"You´re late. David is waiting you for shot the new episode. Hurry up!"

She knows she is late and she knows the reason for it. She doesn´t want to see him because it´s too painfull.

Anyway, she gets...
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posted by blinkbackatear
First of all, thank you guys for the wonderful comments! I am so glad, that you enjoy my fic. I hope this one won't be a disappointment either. "cross fingers" :) another chapter just for you ;)

After their fight nothing was the same between them. In front of others they acted as if nothing was wrong. But everybody could notice the difference. They never talked anymore. At least not to each other. They never sit together, never sought out the other. They just existed side sa pamamagitan ng side but never as one. They only interacted on camera. To an outsider everything would have seemed all right, but to...
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posted by maverickangel35
    “I have to get going, actually.” Hugh said, not looking at Lisa. “But Lisa sinabi she was going to stick around for awhile.”
    Lisa’s eyebrow rose very, very slowly as she turned to look at her co-star. “I am?”
    “You don’t have to,” David started, and Hugh cut him off.
    “You promised Omar a dance. And Jesse. Remember?”
    “And I intend to collect,” Jesse said, appearing at her side. “All those young gorgeous girls are boring me to tears. I want to dance with...
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Hello guys, New Huli here and I thought the best way to introduce my new sinner self is with fluff fic.
Hope you enjoy and possibly tell me what you think of my first attempt :)

Sugar, Spice and all things nice.

Summertime in Lisa’s mind has always been associated with new beginnings.

As a child, it was an exciting vacation outside New Jersey with her parents and siblings, a long stay at grandma’s house or a few weeks of summer-camp, as she grew older it was an exotic trip to some new place, or a fun weekend south of the border, some place warmer than her New York apartment, and preferably...
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posted by maverickangel35
    “Where’s he going?” Lisa asked, seeing his face and knowing something was wrong. “What happened?”
    “I think he’s going to tell David and Katie about—”
    “No. Hugh!” She spun around and dragged Robert with her, trying to catch up, but Hugh was already only a few feet from his bosses and there was no way to catch up. The music started up again and over the thumping bass line their voices were drowned out as they tried to call him back. “God, Robert, how are we going to stop him?”
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posted by tabbyhearts
Summary: She loves him, madami than anything; but she can't have him. So she takes the only option she can see as the way out. Suicide. But it fails. And how much will one week in a coma let her pag-ibig find his way to her?
Rating: T for attempt of suicide, pangkalahatang dark themes


Chapter One

The emergency room was nearly empty for about five PM, and bright lights bounced off the silver bracelet on her wrist. She stood nervously besides her friend, a mug of steaming hospital coffee in her hand. Her eyes flickered between the Englishman that bobbed back and forth on his toes, watching the doctors in...
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Hi there,
you crazy bunch of Huddies!

First things first, a little disclaimer.
I thought about posting this on the Huli spot, just because it's safer and maybe even just right like this. I mean, there's some Huliness in it and "I didn't want to offend anybody, I was worried it would be too much" (guess the quote? ;D) on the Huddy spot, so...since we all are Huddies here, why don't take two ships with one couple?(I fervetnly hope so! Please don't tell there are Hulis who are not Huddies!!! :P)

So, herre we are, apparently! We made it! We made it through the whole summer, can you believe it? ;D...
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posted by migle

We had nice conversation after very long time. So strange how much you can miss person when after long time seeing each other every araw you got a 10 days in separate. Lisa was just came back from her holyday in Hawaii, she was tanned little bit madami than usual and her teeth was glowing making her smile even madami special.

Today she looked different, that V cut made her to look like Cuddy and straight hair always changing her very much.

While we were eating she told me about her trip to Hawaii, she always travelling in her free time, guess she saw hall world already. Strange that she didn’t...
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posted by Belle0308
uy there fellow Huli's! I have debated about posting this first chapter because I had thought about having it completely finished before I published any of it. I don't have it finished and it may take a while. In any case, I hope you enjoy the first chapter and please let me know wat you think. The soro Upfront pictures inspired this.

It had started with a phone call…
“Hi there, what are you doing?” his voice sounded far madami relaxed than usual.
“Oh…just getting dressed for this thing tonight. What about you?” she was fussing with her hair at the same time.
“Umm…did you just say...
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posted by douglas80
Hi sinners, here´s part 2 of this two-shot.
Hope you like it...enjoy:))

A few days later Hugh was back in L.A. He met some mga kaibigan and phoned with his children. Wrote a song and fed her pets. She was still in New york. Meeting mga kaibigan and family. “Why aren´t you there?”, he asked himself. He was not sure if she wanted him to be with her mga kaibigan and family. “Oh yes, thanks to those importunately paparazzo they have to be careful. It was way to early for ipinapakita us together as a couple in public.”, he thought further. He breathed deep and out while preparing himself a cup of coffee. He...
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posted by maverickangel35
    “Who’s the sweetest boy? Who’s the most handsome? I could just hug you all day…”
    “Talking to my picture again?” Hugh cracked, coming around the corner of the set to find Lisa playing with the feline guest bituin of the susunod episode.
    “Who’s so handsome?” Lisa continued, as if she didn’t even notice him. “Who’s a handsome boy?”
    “I believe you are now comparing me to a cat,” Hugh said, coming down hard on the ‘c’ in the word. “I believe I am insulted.”
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I'm like, 18352 million times sorry!
My computer crashed and it erased the Find your way back fully D<
and I can not bring it to the end.
I am so sorry and you have no idea how pissed I was when that happened.

I hope I make it up to you sa pamamagitan ng Pagsulat this one shot. I just needed to write it, I felt like it was so long since I posted anything :P
Anyway, I hope you enjoy :)

Lisa started at her mobile phone for over an hour, trying to figure out what to do.
She missed him, so much... and yet, she knew calling him wasn't an option. She was involved with someone else... She had no right to call him,...
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posted by maverickangel35
 And then her paborito part of the morning...
And then her favorite part of the morning...
    Lisa stretched luxuriously as her alarm went off a few days later. Pointing her toes and raising her arms above her head, she arched her back until she heard the kinks work their way out.
    And then she began her new morning ritual.
    Yoga had always been a way for her to clear her mind, to focus her energy on the araw ahead, and recently she had started using it as a madami targeted form of therapy—almost, she told herself one day, like a Hugh patch.
    Having decided that her feelings for Hugh were...
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