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 Oririn & Morita
Oririn & Morita
You read/watch Bleach. Then you get to the memories in the rain arc and you feel everything's been said. But you get to the Broken Coda and you finally understand that you've got the King of Trolls as the author. sa pamamagitan ng now you ship IR, you feel the chemistry, but you also realize you will not have things so easily. Then a friend of yours asks "what is the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia?", your mind becomes a whirlpool: "more than friends, less than lovers, the man in her heart, the reason for activating his fullbring, the one who changes the world, the rain stopper...but not quite lovers,...
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 Pic-1/ Hellish paruparo in both videoclips
Pic-1/ Hellish butterfly in both videoclips
Japanese punk-rock band ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D performs Bleach ending 26 "Song for..."
By watching the official promotional video, I found lots of scenes that are very akin to the bleach ending clip. This is an analysis of the similarities between both videoclips and in the end you will be able to say if you also think that they highly insinuated Ichiruki.

From now on, "PV" will refer to the original video as in Japanese it's Promotional Video, and "BC" will refer to the Bleach Clip.

The PV starts with a deep purple butterfly, that is also displayed at the end of it. This is a clear reference to the...
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 alan promoting Hapon Premium Best & madami
alan promoting Japan Premium Best & More
The original lyrics are in Japanese. This is the translation. Komorebi means "sun filtering through trees"

You walked slower than usual
And drew in a breath whenever you stood still
I did the same; I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath
I felt the flow of the present time
(The last line resembles how Rukia's life changed due to Ichigo, how she opened her puso to other things. It's also akin to her line in Fade to Black, where she says that before meeting Ichigo she felt like living in a straight line)

Why can’t I be more, madami kind to everything?
I was embraced sa pamamagitan ng you who was like a sinag of...
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posted by LidiaIsabel

There are no serious pointers that shows us whether Ichigo would be with either Rukia or Orihime. However, I personally choose Rukia.

Orihime is beautiful, feminine, soft with a kind heart, damsel in distress type; basically, the 'perfect' no-brainer pairing for the hero, Ichigo.

However, Rukia's no pushover either: she's smart, calm, composed, pretty with a sense of responsibility of who and what she is as a shinigami, sister and friend. Not to mention, she is loyal to her mga kaibigan and she is willing to stand up for what she believes in....
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posted by LidiaIsabel
 Bleach my Soul / Farewell Swords
Bleach my Soul / Farewell Swords
This artikulo belongs to Nanda-chan from link blog.

The IchiOri [IchiHime] fans say that Kubo would not go through the interaction between Ichigo and Inoue -that he loves her without noticing, and especially, will not ignore her statement- [without planning to make them a couple] because Kubo doesn't waste pages.
But if Ichigo loves Inoue without noticing, why this isn't developed/showed, not even a little, even after 430 chapters from manga?

Ah, but then many people can say that there's no romantic development between Ichigo and Rukia. Well, but then when Ichigo becomes a romantic guy, Sasuke...
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 Cover pic
Cover pic
Thanks to link on DeviantART for the translation of Kubo's interview.

Matsubara-san’s novels allows for me to experience that everytime through her careful Pagsulat of the relationships among (the characters) because of her deep insights and affection for the Bleach world and its characters…

It was the same for this particular novel.

‘The Death Save The Strawberry’

As for the reason I have ibingiay it a pamagat which is connected to Volume 1’s I think is something everyone who has read will surely know the best.

That it is because it’s a story of acquiring power from the state of nothingness.
That it is drawn to ipakita the interference Soul Society has done externally and internally for Ichigo.
And then because the work, without any doubt is a story about Ichigo and Rukia.

I want everyone to experience with me the work’s nostalgia and at the same time its freshness.
 Promo bookmark ipinapakita Rukia as the "Queen of Hearts" and Ichigo as the "King of Spades". This particular merchandise hasn't been nagkomento sa pamamagitan ng Kubo.
Promo bookmark showing Rukia as the "Queen of Hearts" and Ichigo as the "King of Spades". This particular merchandise hasn't been commented by Kubo.
 pamagat page
Title page
 Diamond single cover
Diamond single cover
The original lyrics are in Japanese. What I posted here is the translation.

I couldn’t say goodbye that day
It would’ve been like accepting I’d never see you again
In the end I lied and sinabi “It’s okay”
(Seems pretty akin to the attitude Rukia has in her goodbye to Ichigo on episode 342)

When I think about how much I really care about you
I end up hiding my true feelings
Cowardice.I can’t even be selfish for this once
(Both care about the other, yet they don't like to ipakita their true feelings)

The city without you
Seems too big for me alone
Where should I go?
(When Rukia's not there, Ichigo...
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posted by LidiaIsabel
This artikulo belongs to wicked_liz at bleachasylum.com

As for what has been on the subject of Inoue. Her wish to be the rain has already failed. Ichigo and Rukia ALREADY connected during the "Memories in the Rain" arc. Rukia saw Ichigo's pain about his mother,and saw his will to fight (not just because she was making him) It connected to her own experience the night Kaien died.

The rain in Bleach is very symbolic, and it has already managed to connect Heaven (Rukia) and Earth (Ichigo), they are connected sa pamamagitan ng the shared experience, even if they haven't spoken out loud about them to each other,...
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 Single cover
Single cover
This is a translation. The original lyrics are in Japanese. "Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezutomo" (Tonight, even if you can't see the moon) sa pamamagitan ng Porno Graffiti.

Tonight, where does the moon shine on? From the sky covered in thick clouds
Tonight, who are you embraced by? Are you going to cry alone in the rain?
(Remember that the rain symbolizes pain for both Ichigo & Rukia, in FTB they are separated -alone-)

If you're ashamed of yourself for thinking that you can share everything and having anticipated so
Then take your authority into your hands, get onto your rooftop, and ipakita me that you're worried about...
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 Single cover
Single cover
The original lyrics are in Japanese. This is a translation.

Injured with pain and sadness that cannot be healed
Shoulder the burden of the past that cannot be erased; don't throw away your will to live
(The whole song can be seen as if Ichigo sinabi this to Rukia. Remember that she was very sad during her imprisonment in Soul Society Arc, she even sinabi she had accepted her fate; but then Ichigo comes to save her and gets back her will to live)

Your hand that I held...

Will we lose it someday?
I want to protect you and that disappearing smile
The ringing voice that calls me dries out
Even if it gets...
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posted by IchiRuki15
Chapter 1: Awkward At First Stare

   She gazed at herself in the bathroom mirror, watching her midnight hair curl over her brush. The mirror mimicked her image as her eyes slid down her body, tracing every curve to ensure that every artikulo of clothing was in place. The maroon key-hole kamisa was tight- fitting, but loose enough to tease the male mind. It matched perfectly with her dark mid-driff jacket. She looked lastly to her dark-wash  denim jeans, they fit her petite curves flawlessly. She had an interview this morning, for a part in a movie a few hours away.  After about 10 minutes...
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 Feel the pain!
Feel the pain!
The plot is non-canon. The story opens in Karakura Town. A Shinigami was murdered, and all other Shinigami who were sent to investigate were murdered as well. Rukia is assigned to the mission, and she drags Ichigo along. Meanwhile, an incident known as the Red Moon (a literal coloring of the moon sa pamamagitan ng a blood red hue) occurs. The Sixth Division Shinigami find out that it is protected sa pamamagitan ng a force field. As they try to break it, a man interferes. He easily overpowers them. He then chants the phrase "Drink up", and the blood drains from the Shinigami into his sword. Renji comes at the last minute,...
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posted by Dearheart
This was inspired sa pamamagitan ng everyone's paborito Bleach couple, and sa pamamagitan ng a prompt in the Fanpop Writer's Group: "Write 20-40 lines about pag-ibig without using the words love, passion, desire, favor, regard, heart, need, want or longing." The poem doesn't explicitly mention Ichigo or Rukia, but it was definitely written with them in mind (as well as another anime couple I love, but that's another fandom.) Hope you enjoy this!


Ours is not made of mga rosas and candles
Or daydreams dipped in sunset's gold.
Ours is not spun of fairytale's flax
Or starry gazes to fix and hold.

For candlelight flickers and roses...
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