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Song: Marionette on a Moonlight Night
Artist: Nakamura Yuuichi
Other: Character Song

A noise that perplexes the spirit, I shook it off and ran
Transparent and innocent, aiming for the light
Streaming through my body, no matter what color my thoughts are,
I cannot choose the scenario of my fate.

This false tumawid I was burdened with,
Is tied to my necklace, so I pull it off, towards a freer world~

A sad melody of pag-ibig drifts about the stagnating city,
It holds the incurable place in its arms, everyone is crying,
Eyes filled with desire, a greedy, powerful shadow
It captures my arms and legs, turns me into...
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posted by Gwiazdeczka
Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Voiced by: Yūichi Nakamura
Birthday: December 1
Blood Type: AB
Guardian Chara: Yoru

About Ikuto:
A boy who wants the Embryo to obtain his freedom. During Character Change, he grows cat ears, and his hand turns into a paw with metal claws. His Character Transformation is known as "Black Lynx". During Character Transformation, he uses a claw-like glab and wears a leather 2-piece with boots.

His Shugo Chara is Yoru and has the form of a cat. This could possibly be because Ikuto wants his freedom and Pusa are free.

He is actually 5 years older than Amu and Tadase, as he told Amu on chapter...
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