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[News] Yoona (SNSD) and Kim Tae Hee are rare Korean beauty to get in tuktok 10 Beauty in Asia

Recently, Chinese netizens joined voting in a 'Beauty in Asia' poll. This poll gathered a surprise amount of responds with 30 million votes. The result was, Liu Shi Shi stood first with 11.658.508 votes, Yoona came fifth with 4.468.765 votes.

In that tuktok 10, 8 female celebrities are from China and only two excellent Korean female celebrities made to tuktok 10. Two of them are Yoona (SNSD and Kim Tae Hee.

Source: Chinese poll
Translation and written: totoropie @TheSoneSource

tuktok 10
1. Liu ShiShi
2. Yang Mi
3. Liu Yifei
4. Stefanie Sun
5. Im Yoona
6. Chen Qiao En
7. Hwang Ying
8. Jolin Tsai
9. Kim Tae Hee
10. Chen Zhao Liying
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Source: SM Ent.
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