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 'Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus' Character Artwork
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invader zim: enter the florpus
enter the florpus
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It was 12:15. Just past midight. I was watching my paborito TV ipakita 'Invader Zim'.
I really pag-ibig that show. Couldn't miss an episode!
How exciting would it be to actually be an Irken? I tremble with excitment.
Of corse I'm not allowed to be up this late. My parents were asleep. But they don't understand. I'm like the show's number 1 fan!
I yawned. I must stay awake. This is so exciting, this episode...
Drifting off....


When I woke up, I had changed. My hair had a red streak in it. But that wasn't all I also looked... Well odd. I looked un-real.
'Eeek!' I squealed.
I was standing in a hallway in frount of a large door. There was no where else I could go so I opened the door.
It gave a terrifying screech...
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