Jamie Campbell Bower The Erotic Scene at Jace's Greenhouse (jamie's 2012 movie)

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TMI Scene Adaptation: The Broken Dream (fan's illustration for leisure purpose only)

Another restless night loomed in once again…

It was Jace with his nightmares due to his post-traumatic stress. But this time it was rather different, he has the power to keep his parents safeguarded under his refuges. Whole family reunited in one piece, just as what he long for…

“Sweetheart..,” Jace’s mum called.

“Mum, dad…,” Jace murmured emotionally while embracing his beloved parents tightly.

“I miss you both so much..,” Jace murmured.

However, all of a sudden someone startled him behind, “Jace, don’t!”

Jace turned back and surprised by one presence, “Clary?”

“Jace, none of this is real. You’re mind is playing trick on you. Once you believe them, you’ll be gone forever,” Clary warned him.

Jace frowned and glanced at his parents back. “I don’t believe you,” he replied to Clary.

“It’s the demon’s work. I was following you just now. You’re having a fight with the demon and you lose, your mind is being controlled by him now. Look, Jace I know sometimes I’m being jackass to wrong you, but I won’t lie to you on this one. Please trust me,” Clary explained.

“But how..,?” Jace asked.

“How did I enter your mind? I just touched on the demon’s body when he was using his telekinesis power on you and it works somehow,” Clary replied.

Jace eventually began to realize that he was being suspended on the crossroad to choose in between reality or his dream. His mind kept on telling him to do the right things but his heart compelled him succumb the demon’s trap. Nevertheless, out of all these contradictions, he tried hard to walk out of his stage of denial, but before that he held his parents’ hand for one last time.

Slowly, his parents turning ashes and vanishing from his eyesight…

They were soon finding themselves laid on the floor of Jace’s greenhouse.

“Jace, your hand!” Clary exclaimed. Jace loosened bunch of white roses with sharp thorns from his tight clutch. But it weren’t the thorns that hurt but the reality that cut deep into his blood. His broken dream.

“Hang on, this may sting a little,” Clary said while cleansing the wound on his palm with a piece of cloth.

“Jeez, the roses’ thorns I never knew they were that sharp,” Clary said.

“White roses, my mum’s favorite color. My dad planted them as a gift my mother on valentine when I was ten. Never had the chance to show her and that was the last time I ever saw them.

“I’m sorry,” Clary said while clenching on his palms at his hunched position.

“Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time to save them, but I can’t,” Jace sighed.

“Jace, don’t beat yourself up, you were just a kid,” Clary tried to comfort him.

“Not everything can be undone just like my tattoo,” Jace blurted while glanced at his tattoo on his shoulder.

“What lies beyond your tattoo is something beautiful...I can see that, Jace. You save human kind. Look at how many innocent lives you had saved,” Clary said.

They were then dwelling in moment of silence and gazed at each other.

All of a sudden, some unlikely things began to stir in.. it was like time being held suspended and they could feel their hearts pumping faster than ever from inside despite they were trying hard enough to hide with their cool faces.

However they eventually succumbed in their conscience. With lustful but trace of little hesitation, they were drawn by the first move, locking in each other lips. Halfway through, they released and panted heavily. Clary continued to caress the tattoo on Jace’s shoulder, a sign of admiration, escalating the climactically eroticism they embraced at that moment, and they kissed passionately….. …

 TMI Scene Adaptation: The Broken Dream (fan's illustration for leisure purpose only) Another

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