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~Demi's P.O.V~
The susunod morning I walked downstairs to see my mom and her new fiance halik on the couch.I faked a cough so that they would stop.They both looked at me.
Dianna:Hi,Demi.Ohh,by the way your mga kaibigan should be here any minute.
All of the sudden our doorbell rang.I quickly went and answered it.My friend's,Selena,Miley,Nick,and Liam came in.
Demi:Hey guys!
Everyone else:Hey Dems.
We all ran into my bedroom.
Selena:Hey,Dems who was that hot guy downstairs? Demi:Ohh,that's my soon to be stepdad.
Everyone else gasped.I knew what they were thinking.They were thinking..OMG that's sick the dude's...
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" What did I do to deserve such hatred from my suppose fans? Please tell me so I can do something to rebuild their faith." Joe sinabi out loud to whoever was listening up there as tears streamed down his face in silent tribute to his puso hurting with pain.

He felt one pair on arms go around his shoulders and someone else running their hands down his back, Thank God for Kevin and Nick as he really needed someone to comfort him and since the number #1 person was halfway around the world right now they were the 2nd people he wanted to see right now.

"Dude, why do you torture yourself sa pamamagitan ng reading...
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She looked at me and picked up her lunch tray shoving it in my face. I shaked my head, to signal no and to stop a smile forming from appearing. But being as determined as she was picked up her sanwits and held it to my mouth.
“Open up”
Again I shaked my head and leaned my head down on the mesa again. My puso was beating faster.
“Please” she sinabi appearing under my arm, “I won’t stop until you eat something whole”
“Why do you care?’’ I asked her.
“Well I saw what those guys did to you and I thought that if I was in your position I would want someone to share their lunch...
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