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posted by hellgirl223
Just wanna say, that i just pag-ibig this anime, ive started watching since i was 13, i guess im interested because it has good story and i pag-ibig the characters too, and for those who dont know much about the Jigoku Shoujo, im going to write a short summary about it.

Rumour says that at EXACTLY 12.00 midnight, people can go to a website called Hell Correspondence. That websiteallows you to send your most hated person to hell, but only people who has deep hatred in their hearts can access it.

After you access it, a hell girl appears and gives you a straw doll with a red string. That straw doll, when...
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posted by bluesoles
WTF. God, the Jigoku Shoujo spot is FULL of ditzy tagahanga girls.

I mean, normally I try not to judge people but when you go around typing like

i luv ren zomg hes soo smexyz!!!11!!!1

that gets kind of annoying.

All I'm saying is, try using proper grammar for once. 1337 can get pretty agitating. Also, try forming and intelligent opinion about things rather than FANGIRLING ALL THE F-ING TIME.

I get that you like Jigoku Shoujo. It has beautiful art and the characters are all really pretty, Ichimoku Ren is really sexy and all that jazz. There just comes a time when you can tagahanga girl in a smarter way. This is what Fanpop was created for.

Point 1: Learn to type.

Point 2: Grow up.

Point 3: ???

Point 4: Win.

posted by IWish_LiamP29
Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai
Unmei wakatsu aware na futago
Kimi no mamoru sono tame naraba
Boku wa aku ni datte natte yaru

Kitai nonaka bokura wa umareta
Shuku-fuku suruwa kyoukai no kane
Otona tachi no katte na tsugou de
Bokura no mirai wa futatsu ni saketa

Tatoe sekai no subete ga
Kimi no teki ni narou tomo
Boku ga kimi wo mamoru kara
Kimi wa sokode waratte ite

Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai
Unmei wakatsu aware na futago
Kimi wo mamoru sono tame naraba
Boku wa aku ni datte yaru

Tonari no kunie dekaketa tokini
Machi de mikaketa midori no anoko
Sono yasashige na koe to egao ni
Hitome dee boku wa koi ni...
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