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No breakup of a relationship is easy: Joe Jonas is still trying to repair the wounds of his puso after the end of his affair with the beautiful Twilight bituin Ashley Greene.

Joe Jonas is still grieving the end of the relationship with Ashley Greene: Read!

Joe Jonas: "I suffer still for Ashley Greene." Read!

Joe Jonas has faced several years in the finished stories: Demi Lovato Taylor Swift, for example. But, as it opens, none has been as painful as the end with Ashley Greene. The couple was very reliable: it was between Joe and Ashley took a stroke of lightning! After months together, the two decided to end the relationship, and Joe still suffers. "My puso is broken. People like to think that only girls have to suffer, but it happened to me, "said Joe to Twist magazine. He continues: "Now I have a reputation as a wild" broken-hearts ": it is true, I have often left me .. but I was also left. I believe that in any case you can not avoid suffering when a story ends. "
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Nick and Joe Jonas have ditched their purity rings. What does this mean for the Jonas Brothers? Well, it could be that the two middle "Jo Bros" are growing up and finding themselves.

According to Perez Hilton, Nick and Joe Jonas have been ring less for a few months now, but recently fans have been beginning to notice.

It's rumored that Nick Jonas actually wears his on a chain around his neck, but it's yet to be seen. Joe Jonas however, seemingly abandoned his purity ring right around the time he and "Twilight" hottie Ashley Greene began their relationship. The cute couple were recently spotted...
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