John Williams williams' return to the harry potter saga

pepekomposer posted on Jun 01, 2010 at 12:33PM
It's my opinion that one of the main reasons the fourth and fifth harry potter movies (and the seventh, now that Alexander Desplat has been confirmed as the first part of the 'hallows...' composer) have lost their magic is the lack of the imaginative and magical musical suport of Williams music. I think the first Harry Potter movie soundtrack is a work of art, one of the best examples of movie music ever and my fovorite of his soundtracks. It simply captured the magic of the story and translated it to music in an incredible way. The movie is half Chris Columbus and half Williams. How in hell that man came up with 'Hedwig's theme'? That is the escense of the book wirten in music, folks!Well, he is who he is, anyway. I truly wish he returns for the last of the harry potter film, but as I see it, him being to busy with Spielberg and Jackson's Tintin triology music, is a long shot. Still, I've my fingers crossed. hope you guys are as well.

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