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Wow...part 37 already?!? That's insane..I didn't think anyone would like what I wrote so I wasn't going to keep going...thank you to everyone who reads these..you are why I keep Pagsulat
<3 j_b

End of Part 36

I smiled down at Rosalie, thinking that if we were leaving tomorrow....that meant that we had tonight to be alone, together. I leaned down, halik her passionately.

"I'm out of here, I will go somewhere...anywhere as long as it's not here." Edward sinabi as he stood up and walked to the closet, grabbing his jacket.

"Thank you Edward." Rosalie sinabi as she smiled at him.

I thought to myself...
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This is the last one for tonight, I'll write madami tomorrow. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

End of Chapter 32

I heard Bella say something very quietly, but never heard Edward respond. I knew that they were directly behind me, meaning that the two guards were at the end. Not the way I would have planned things, but for now we had to accept the choices that were made for us...and watch for the ones we could decide for ourselves.

"Well, Alice. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see you here." Edward said, trying to comfort Bella.

"It was my mistake, I figured it was my job to set it right." I replied.

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twilight saga
Hampol sa madaling araw
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Thanks to everyone..it seems that this story has quickly become a favorite. That's awesome!! Thank you again!!

End of Part 37

I turned and began looking for some of the clothes that Esme and Rose had bought for me. I found a pair of pants, shirt, dyaket and under clothes set out on the dresser. I turned to smile at her as I pulled the clothes on.

She stood up, letting the sheet drop to the floor. She grinned, knowing that she was making this very difficult for me. I smiled at her as she walked into the closet and began pulling clothes on.

"Emmett love, will you hand me the steamer trunk?"...
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End of Chapter 12

"Alice just saw Bella jump off a cliff." Jasper said, his tone making me madami angry.

I turned back and glared at all of them, none of them were as close to Bella as I was/am. It made me angry that they weren't taking this madami serious, how could they all be so rude.

"Someone should call him." Rosalie said, a smile showing.

"NO! No one calls Edward! I have to figure out what happened first." I sinabi as I turned and glared at all of them.

"NO ONE CALLS EDWARD! I mean it! Let me find out what's going on, then we can figure out what to do." I sinabi as I zipped the luggage closed....
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End of Chapter 3
***Emmett's POV***

"You want to go left here, and ilipat fast if possible..they have a patrol that walked this hall often. Go Now." Tallulah said, and in that one moment I knew that she wasn't trying to trick us..that she wanted us all to get out safe.

I looked over at Carlisle who nodded slightly as he stepped out into the hallway, moving carefully but trusting Tallulah. He quickly looked around the corner, his head coming back quickly as he nodded, all of us fallowing him around the corner and through another tunnel on the left.

We ran in silence, the only sound that of Tallulah...
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