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The araw of christmas, the sun sparkling between large cumulus clouds and the warmth was apparent, even though it was winter in Japan. Yui, even though it was Christmas, still hadn't left her kama yet and was yelling for Ui to bring her yakisoba or takoyaki. In fact, feeble pleading was madami like the actual sounds coming from her mouth, since she knew that Ui would madami likely take pity on her like that.

'Ui... please... need food...' Yui croaked weakly, imitating a person down with fever.

Ui entered Yui's room, waggled her finger and shook her head. 'Nope... mum and dad are putting on a proper...
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K-On! is a ipakita that may lack a real plot, but the ipakita is saved sa pamamagitan ng its' cuteness which is brought to us sa pamamagitan ng the main characters. This listahan ranks the 5 members of anime's best band. I hope you enjoy the list.

5. Ritsu

Ritsu is the leader of the band, but she appeals to me the least out of the band members. She's not as nice and charming as the other band members. She can be hard to stand when she gives Mio a hard time, but other than that she's a okay character. She's a tolerable character when she's not being disrespectful.

4. Yui

Yui is the closest thing the ipakita has to a protagonist. She's...
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