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Hiya Its animefreak23!  Hoped u liked the nakaraan chapter!!  This is the tragic chapter, so enjoy it!!! XD

He kissed her for a minuto while all Misa did was blankly stare. Usui broke away the halik and fell on her and pulled away. He hugged her so tight that Misa feared that she would die of suffocation. Finally, Usui whispered into her ear:
“Goodbye. I’ll always pag-ibig you.”
Then he swiftly broke off the hug and locked himself inside his room. He placed his hands on his knees and cried full of despair for losing her.
Misa sat on the sopa for 5 minutes, dumbfounded. Was...
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(usui edges closer and................................................... makes her halik a drain pipe!?!?!?!??!?)
akira:yyuuuukkk!you should really have mints(looks at whos shes kissing/what shes kissing)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhh!
(misaki breaks free)
misaki:i was gunna break out buuut i got taken over sa pamamagitan ng a buncha idiots and hurt myself
evangaline and akira:eeeeekk!(runs before they could hide)
misaki:still dosent explain the boys
usui:well you see it was only cuz of...
usui:the idiots...
(next day)
idiot team 1:i forgotten our names...ah well i think its the idiots
(looks at sign)
idiot team:nuuuuu!!!!!!
(runs away)
misaki:and stay out!
usui:since there gone...you wont mind..would u?
misaki:FAT CHANCE!
usui:o welll...

and thats the end of the first chapter!!! yay
Now I started watching the anime 'Maid-Sama' for quite a time now and honestly I have no clue on how to give that opinion. Usually it's girl and guy are together, the End. Everything's happy right? The MAIN couple goes through a happy ending, therefore, everything in that world is okay, but is it?

Consider the character Hinata, the childhood friend of Misaki. I will be biased here, since I my favor leans toward Hinata more. He was very loyal in fact to Misaki and so optimistic about being with her. Doesn't this sound familiar to some? Loyalty to be with another even when your apart? I know...
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