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posted by demon_wolf
 Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru (Part 1)
Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru (Part 1)
Rank: Genin (part 1), Chuunin (part 2)
Teammates: Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga
Sensei: Kurenai Yuhi
Specialties: Hand-to-hand combat, Tracking
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch., Naruto ep 1
Village: Konoha
Age:12 (I), 15 (II)
Birthday: July 7th
Height: 5.00 ft
Weight: 98.5 lb
Blood Type: B
Chakra Type: ?
Kiba is a member of Konoha's Inuzuka clan who are characterized sa pamamagitan ng their highly symbiotic relationships with their dog companions. His name “Kiba” means fang and it reflects his wild appearance. Kiba is always seen with his young dog, Akamaru, who often rides on his head or is carried in...
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posted by demon_wolf
 walang tiyak na layunin Pic!!!!
Random Pic!!!!
Heyy everyone look I have finally got out part 8. YAY!!!!!!!
I’m so proud of myself, I finally got an idea for it. =DDDDDDDD
So please enjoy what I have written!

You look at the person who spoke ,
“Where am I?” You ask.
“You don’t remember?” They answer.
“If I did would I be asking?” You say sarcastically.

The person glares at you, you realize that she is a medic ninja.

“Hump, well you and your Naoko, I think that was her name, went on a mission. You met up with the Akatsuki. They got the best of you.” She sinabi and handed you a mirror.

You took the mirror and look at yourself, your...
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posted by demon_wolf
 Shino (part 1)
Shino (part 1)
Stats on Shino Aburame

Rank: Genin (part I), Chuunin (part II)
Teammates: Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata hyuga
Sensei: Kurenai Yuhi
Specialties: Kikaichu Bug host, Insect attacks
First Appearance: Naruto manga ch., Naruto ep. 1
village: Konoha
Age:12 (I), 15 (II) (January 23)
Height: 5.12 ft
Weight: 101.0 lb
Blood Type: AB
Chakra Type: ?


Shino is one of the madami mysterious members of the original “Konoha 11” genins. From the outside, Shino appears very quiet and emotionless. He speaks bluntly and logically, and his actions also reflect these characteristics. Although these traits may sometimes cause...
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posted by demon_wolf
You wake up in the morning. Eat get dressed and head out the door after saying bye to everyone. As you close the door you catch a familiar scent.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" You say as Naruto lands beside you.

"Hi Mira. I just thought that I would walk you to training." He said. "Well that is if you dont mind of course."

You smile. "Of course I dont mind." You say. "Who wouldn't want their best friend walking with them." You laugh and

Naruto smiles.
You loop your arm through his and start walking. You chat untill you reach the training grounds. You remove your arm and walk forward.

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posted by demon_wolf
Name:Mira Yuna
age:17 1/2
Eye color: Hazel Green
Hair color: Brown
Backround:Left the village to go help Naruto with his training, didnt have a choice in the matter, Tsunade sinabi she had too. Left Kiba behind, Kiba sinabi he would wait for her, until she got back.

Name: Akita (Mira's Partner and Lunar's sister)
Backround: Left with Mira to go train Naruto.

Name: Naoko Yuna (Mira's twin)
Age: 17 1/2
Eye color:Green
Hair color: browm
Backround: Is left behind when Mira goes to help Naruto. Still hates Kiba!

Name: Lunar (Akita's brother and Naoko's partner)
Backround: Is left behind when Mira and Akita go to help train Naruto.
posted by demon_wolf
You are sitting in your new house in Konoha, you have just moves here fron the suna(sand village)village. Your mother decided to ilipat back here after 14years of living in suna. You moved to suna when you were one along with your twin sister Naoko. The reason for leaving Konoha was cuz your mother and father split up and your mother wanted to get away from your father literally. But now your parents had made ends meet and were getting remarried. Great for you! You have brown hair the same color as kiba (Naoko has brown with blonde highlights) your eye color is a light green (so is Naokos) You...
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posted by demon_wolf
Still Kiba's P.O.V

You stood there shocked Hinta barely if ever, was mean to someone like that. You took Raven odd you arm. "Can you tell Kurenai for me tha I will not bne at training today?" You say to Raven.

"Uh yeah sure Babe." She said.

You disappear in a puff of smoke.

Mira's P.O.V

Hinata and Shino welcome you back and hug you, which was kinda weird becaus eyou thought Shino didn't like you. After that you hear Kiba speak.

"Hey Mira." He said.

You turn to him and smile, then you notice some girl hanging onto his arm. She realeased his arm and walked up to you. She held her hand out for you to...
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posted by demon_wolf
In the Morning you took another shower, ate and fed Akita. Then went into the living room to wait for your father to get up.

~~Two hours later~~

Your father came down the stairs and went into the kusina and about 15 minutos came back out.
"okay im ready now we can go to see the Hokage."
"Well finally dad i have been waiting two hours for you to get up."
"Im not much of a morning person."
"Yeah i know and if i would of known sooner then i would of went off to train untill you woke up gosh dad."
"Sigh. . . well lets go." he walked out the door with you right behind him.

~~Hokage office~~

You and kakashi...
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posted by demon_wolf
You lay there waiting for about ten minutes, when something slams itself into you.


A wet yet warm surface goes all over your face. You laugh when you realize it is just your dog, Akita.

“Akita.” You laugh. “Please girl get off me.” You say.

Akita continues to lick your face, to get her off you lift her holding her out in front of you.. You sit up and look at the door, only to not see your father but Kiba. Kiba was not wearing his normal grey balahibo lined hoodie, but a yellow tannish t-shirt. He was wearing the same pants though. He smiled at you.
“I know...
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posted by demon_wolf
Then Shino and Kiba jumped out of the trees. And walked over to Hinata and you. You sat up and looked at them.

"Wow not to be mean or anything but you guys look like shit. Excuse my language but it is true." you say with this look on your face. 0_0

"Thanks for the great comment." kiba sinabi with a disgusted look on his face. "We came to you guys because we need help getting the bells."

"Well looks like you finally figured it out. Took you long enough." you say and Hinata snickers.

"What do you mean?" Shino asked.
"Were you listening when Kurenai was telling us what we had to do?" You ask.

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posted by demon_wolf
You have been in Konoha for a week and had not seen Kiba since you two had kissed. He has been training for the exams. There was no one to hang out with because of the exams and you were starting to regret taking them early. You were laying on your kama starting at the ceilling when Kakashi walked in and sinabi that Tsunade wanted to see you. SO you got up and heade to her office

~~FF to office~~

You walk thru the doors and see Tsunade sitting at her mesa and someone standing infront of it.

"Im sorry Lady Tsunade but am I inturupting something?" you ask

She looks over at you and so doe the person....
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Our feet thudded against the ground, pounding out a rhythm that I didn't want to give up. I maintained pace as my eyes darted susunod to me. My twin sister was doing the same as me, except she was concentrating on the dirt road in front of us. Her dark blue hair flew behind her. Her face flushed with exertion. Her kulay-lila eyes shone determinedly in the darkness.
I looked ahead of me. We were both tired. We'd been running for god knows how long. It felt like eternity to me.
We needed to rest.
But the beat. So rhythmic. It put me into a trance. My energy flooded through me, washing away my...
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posted by demon_wolf
Kurenai brings you to an open puwang where there are three people sitting at the center, they seem to be around your age. Kurenai walks right up to them as you look madami closely at them you see Kiba.

'Thoughts: What he is on this team?! OMG I cant beleive this HOTTIE is on my team. YES!!'

Kurenai inturupts your thoughts

"Hey Team!! Guess what?" Not one of then looks at her.

"What?" They all say together.

"We have a new member to the team! Her name is Yuna Mira"

"Hey team." you say.
Kiba looks up at you and smiles

"Your the girl that thought the building was like a sky scrapper. Small village never...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~outside the building~~

"Well Mira i have to go but ill be back be fore it gets dark." He said

"What am i supposed to do till you get back?" you whine at him

"I dont know im sure you will find something. Bye."

He then left you standing there alone.

'Great now what?' you think

You then pick up Akita and start walking around not caring where you are headed. you came to some woods and started walking around in them. About an oras later you realize that yo are lost. You sit against a walang tiyak na layunin tree.

"Great what am i going to do now? Im lost." you say to yourself

You then tilt your head and stare at the clouds.(Me:kinda...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Mira's P.O.V~~

You get up and do your normal routine of taking shower, brushing hair etc...... After all that you are standing in front of your mirror looking at your self in your brides maid dress, trying to figure out what you could do to make yourself look better, When you heard your name being called.

~~ Kiba's P.O.V~~

You get up and do your normal routine of getting in the shower, brushing teeth etc......... You are standing and looking in your mirror trying to figure out what you could do to look better, when your mom came in.

"Kiba no matter what you do that girl is still going to fall...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Naoko P.O.V~~

You were on your way to Shikamaru's house.
Well because you are putting your plan into action.

You arrive at his house and knock on his door. You wait a few moments untill someone answers, but it is not shikamaru. Instead it is a women that looks a lot like him.

"Hello Naoko. What brings you here?" She asked.

"Well I was wondering if Shikamaru is here?" You ask.

"Yes he is. I'll go get him for you." She dissapeared into the house again.

Then you heard someone come to the door. There stood Shikamaru looking tired as usual.

"Hey. What do you want?" He asked.

"Well dont you look...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~ Mira's P.O.V~~


~~FF at the gates 7 in the morning~~
You are all waiting there for Kurenai. it was now 7:30 and she still was not there.
"What the heck where is she?" Kiba yelled.
"Calm down pup she will be here when she gets here." you say.
He stares at you with a look thats says you cant tell me you arn't mad that she is not here yet. you smile at him.


~~Mira's P.O.V~~

Kiba was still pacing. and you watched him. Finally you could not stand him anymore.

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posted by demon_wolf
In the morning you were a mess. after what had happenend last night you just wish you could fufill Kiba's wish and die. but knew that would never happen. so you got up and took a paliguan then fed Akita, not bothering to feed yourself.

~~In the kitchen~~

Yukimaru was eating, and he saw that you were not eating anything.

"Mira-chan why are you not eating?" He asked.

"I'm not hungry." You answer.

"But you have to eat if you want to be strong. Well at least that is what you tell me."

You stare at him.

'He would of been one of the people that I would of killed if I did not save him, and just haveing him...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Mira's P.O.V~~

You stop talking to Naoko when your Mother comes walking down the aisle.

'She looks so pretty!' You think

~~FF ater wedding~~

People come up and congratulate the new married couple, this is when you take your chance to leave. You dont want to be around so many people and Naoko. She got you so mad when she sinabi that it was to early for you and Kiba to start kissing.

'Who does she think she is, I mean she started halik whoever she was going out with that very same araw she started going out with them.' You think to yourself.

You are now running through the woods at a fast speed,...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~training grounds~~

~~Kiba's P.O.V~~

You walk to the training grounds and see that shino is already there.

"Hey Shino." You say in a I really don't care kind of tone.

"Hey Kiba." He said.

You sit on the ground to wait for Hinata, Kurenai and Mira to ipakita up.

"So have you figured out a way to fix your relationship with Mira?" Shino asked.

"No." You sinabi and sighed. "I dont know how to fix it."

"Im sure you will find away."

"Yeah, but when, I dont think I can live my life with out her anymore. I feel so stupid for saying that she was a murderer when she is not, you two were just doing what you were told."...
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