Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Xion's Mission

Marucxs posted on Nov 12, 2010 at 08:11PM
Standing there, watching them again. Axel and Roxas, was it? They were late again, but they were happy. I didn't want to report them to Saix, I had a feeling he was keeping watch on Axel, but that was my mission. "Hey Xion!" They were standing in front of me, smiling. "Did you have a mission today?" The one named Roxas asked. I kept still, and looked away, hoping they'd leave me to ponder. "Yo! Stop hangin with Zex, his emoness is rubbing off on you, got it memorized?" I ignored Axel, the one I was suppose to be watching. ~But why? What did Axel do wrong~"Bye Xion!" They said in unison as they left. I opened my mouth to respond, but stopped. Saix entered the Grey Room. The glare Axel sent Saix was full of hate, but Saix just looked deviod of emotion. Axel and Roxas left, and Saix walked over to me. "I assume Axel was late again." I nodded. Saix looked past me toward Kingdom Hearts, his eyes glazing over. "Why Lea, why?" Saix turned and left, leaving me to ponder who the hell Lea was.

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