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Akashi's profile
Captain of the Teikou GOM,the one who discovered Kuroko's talent
Thinks winning is natural. Currently holds an unbroken winning record

Birthday: 20 December
(going sa pamamagitan ng the order of the months in the year, Akashi would be the youngest and Kuroko the oldest, however as pointed out sa pamamagitan ng pantasiya Magician, going sa pamamagitan ng the Japanese school system, the age order goes like this, starting from the oldest Kise, Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara, Akashi and the youngest would be Kuroko. )
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius
Life philosophy:Just settle it quickly
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Akashi and Haizaki come from single-parent family…
Kise have 2 sisters!!!
Aomine, Momoi & Kuroko are the only child in the family
Mukkun have a sister and 3 brothers~
Midorima have a little sister~
1.    Tsuchida - May 1st
2.    Hyūga - May 16th
3.    Kiyoshi - June 10th
4.    Koganei - September 11th
5.    Izuki - October 23rd
6.    Mitobe - December 3rd
7.    Riko - February 5th
8.    Fukuda - April 26th
9.    Kawahara - May 18th
10.    Kagami - August 2nd
11.    Furihata - November 8th
12.    Kuroko - January 31st

1.    Kiyoshi - 193 cm
2.    Kagami - 190
3.    Mitobe - 186
4.    Fukuda - 180
5.    Hyūga - 178
6.    Tsuchida - 176
7.    Kawahara - 175
8.    Izuki - 174
9.    Koganei - 170
Furihata - 170
10.    Kuroko - 168
11.    Riko - 156 cm

1.    Kagami - 82 kg
2.    Kiyoshi - 81
3.    Mitobe - 78
4.    Fukuda - 70
Tsuchida - 70
5.    Hyūga - 68
6.    Koganei - 67
7.    Kawahara - 64
Izuki - 64
8.    Furihata - 60
9.    Kuroko - 57 kg
10.    Riko - Unknown
Let me tell you about Hanamiya Makoto. He’s 17, a segundo taon in Kirisaki Daiichi high school, which is a rich private school known for some of the highest promotion rates in Tokyo, which already means that either he’s smart, dirty rich or both. He also pretty much took over the whole damn club after his first taon and got the coach to quit, then became the captain and student coach for his basketbol team in his segundo year. Not just captain. Not just coach.BOTH.

He went to middle school with Imayoshi Shouichi whom we all know is not only badass but also intelligent, and Imayoshi acknowledges...
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posted by Nalu-love
Why be shopping at the mall,
When you could be playing basketball.
Why be standing still,
When you could be doing basketbol drills.
Why be lying in a cot,
When you could be shooting a foul shot.
Why be a cheerleader rooting,
When you could be a basketbol player shooting.
Why be sitting in the sun,
When you could be playing one on one.
Why be talking to your sibling,
When you could be in a gym dribbling.
Why be on the sopa being lazy,
Because if you don't play basketball, you are crazy!
Kimi ga nozomu no naraba kamitsuite mo ii
Wana naku BLUE na kimochi hikikae ni shite
Aseruna my brightest puso Kuraku wo tomo ni shite kita

Mou hitori ga senakagoshi de SMILE
Don’t worry nante shinjite mitai
Dekiru no wa mou shitteru ze Kateru ze
Datte aitsu wa ore jishin

let me higher, get me higher
Moeru mi no atsusa wa
Nanto naku no kyou demo
burnin’ up, we pag-ibig shinjite
rock me baby, ipakita me baby
Misete kure motto
Ore to kimi to de tsukuri agerunda
Densetsu wo other self

Kamishimetanda haiboku mo Tsukanda shouri mo
Nan no tame ni ganbaru no Mada mienai kedo
Sore demo yukundarou Sore dake wa shitteiru...
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posted by soran
*In the fanbook, CHARACTERS BIBLE, an early character concept of Kuroko is seen. Not much of his appearance has changed, though he does seemed less gloomy and invisible than in the finished concept.

*On the first character poll, Kuroko ranked first, with 2625 votes. He won again on the segundo poll, this time with 2242 votes.

*His name, Kuroko, is an actual Japanese term. It stands for "stagehands" in Japanese theater. The stagehands are the roles of animals, puppets, objects,... fullfilled sa pamamagitan ng the hands of a regular actor. But only his hands are seen, the actor himself is dressed in black and...
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posted by soran
*In the fanbook, CHARACTERS BIBLE, an early character concept sketch of Aomine is seen. His face and eyes haven't changed, but accompanying a sketch of his original hairstyle, is a sketch of Aomine with longer hair, reaching his eyes and the back of his neck.

*On the first character poll, Aomine ranked 6th, with 710 votes. He went up one place on the segundo poll, this time with 1021 votes.

*The kanji 青 (Ao) in his name means blue, hinting to his hair color.

*Aomine and Momoi are childhood mga kaibigan and her nickname for him is Dai-chan.

*Aomine has called Kuroko "Tetsu" ever since they started training...
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posted by soran
*On the first character poll, Kise ranked 4th, with 1065 votes. He ranked 2nd in the segundo character poll, with 1309 votes.

*The kanji 黄 (Ki) in his name means yellow, hinting to his hair color.

*According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE:
-if Kise had an alternate job it would be a pilot.
-Kise's paborito pastime is to go sing karaoke.
-His specialty is tasting mineral water.
-His paborito pagkain is sibuyas gratin soup.
-His type of girl is a girl that won't tie him down.
-His kasabihan is: "Be honest with yourself".

*In the Replace novels, Kise has used his copying ability in Dance Dance Revolution, copying the...
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posted by Nalu-love
Kagetora Aida (相田 景虎 Aida Kagetora) is Riko Aida's father. He is a sports trainer and a former basketbol player for the Japanese national team.

Riko's dad is middle-aged. He has short, light brown hair. He has darker eyebrows and sports a trimmed beard. He is seen wearing regular clothes, at the training camp he wore a black sando and training pants.

Kagetora is a typical overprotective father. He adores his daughter very much and wants to protect her from harm. As a sports trainer, he is also strict and extreme, threatning Seirin to kill them if they lay a hand...
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posted by Nalu-love
The Uncrowned Kings (無冠の五将, Mukan no Goshō) is a term used to describe five players that are almost as strong as the Generation of Miracles. If these players had been born in a different time, they would have held that pamagat of Miracles, however their individual skills were overshadowed sa pamamagitan ng the collective abilities of the Teikō team.

Unlike the Generation of Miracles, the Uncrowned Kings didn't play on the same team, but were rivals. While the Generation of Miracles were gathered in one team, the 5 Uncrowned Kings were on different teams. For a long time, only two of five Kings were shown, but it was recently revealed that the other three are playing for Rakuzan High.

They are also known as the Crownless Generals or Uncrowned Five.

Teppei Kiyoshi- is one of the uncrown kings and there is 3 on akashi's team and one on another team.
Now, before you start copypasting tags, I recommend you click the button circled in red. This expands your paghahanap so that if your keyword is matching part of a longer tag not exactly the same as your keyword but still containing your keyword, it will ipakita up in your search.

Common pananda for KnB
•黒バス:”Kurobasu” The abbreviation for “Kuroko no basket”
•目からバニラシェイク: Literally means “vanilla milkshake is coming out from my eyes”. This tag is used for fanart/fanfiction that is KnB-related and tear-jerking.
•目からおしるこ: means “oshiruko is...
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For months now, Japanese manga artist Tadatoshi Fujimaki has been dealing with repeated threats. There is a vendetta against him, which has produced numerous threatening letters containing suspicious chemicals.

As previously detailed, the threats are apparently from one angry individual who seems intent on stopping Fujimaki from promoting his manga Kuroko's Basketball. The threats are frightening and relentless.

However, as noted sa pamamagitan ng Yaraon! (via ANN), Fujimaki wrote in an upcoming issue of Jump Magazine about a recently cancelled Kuroko's basketbol stage event, apologizing to those who were looking pasulong to it, but noting the safety issues at hand.

He also sinabi that he would not stop Pagsulat Kuroko's Basketball, declaring, "Even if something happens, I will keep working hard on this story, without rest."

Considering how terrifying the threats have been—from stabbing to arson to chemical threats—it is bravo of Fujimaki to stand up for himself and his work.
posted by Nalu-love
The Winter Cup, the National High School basketbol Championship Tournament, is a tournament that takes place during the winter and is held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. It is a tournament for high school basketbol teams. Before the actual Winter Cup, preliminaries are held in each prefecture. Only 2 teams can represent a prefecure. Only the tuktok 8 teams from the Interhigh can participate in the Winter Cup preliminaries.

This year, because of a memorial anniversary, there will be madami schools participating than normal. Also, the winner and runner-up of the Interhigh (Rakuzan High and...
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Monologue ~I realized~
When did I start basketball? How would I remember something like that? Without knowing it, I sat alone with the ball every day, and these huge guys approached me and made me streetball with them. When I entered middle school, I met some interesting guys that were the same age as me. I became infatuated with basketball, and became stronger… but I realized. No matter how strong I am, basketbol has become boring. If there aren’t any serious opponents, there’s no meaning.

“Possibility” is impossible
What are you doing, trusting God?
Believe in your...
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Kuroko Tetsuya role: Ken Ono Akira
● Please give me the impression that finished the dubbing first 22.5Q (OVA) of "Tip off".
I was able to record the fun this time!
It was nice to take a story that could not be broadcast on the main line!
Story of the emperor only light in time because it was the first time in the anime, it was fresh! ● Points of Interest No. 22.5Q (OVA) of "Tip off", what is your message to everyone in the tagahanga "of basketbol Kuroko" that is me looking pasulong to it. This is the game scene of Kuroko and Kise after all! I'm glad me if you enjoy a combination that can not...
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You remember what happened in the cafeteria as you wait for Aomine at the basketbol court.


After your challenge, you and Aomine find a seat. Then you feel something just flow down your back. And it's wet. "Eek!" You scream. Then Aomine looks behind you. A punk just poured some soda on your head, and down your back, making your underclothes show. (Meaning your bra and panties.) Then Aomine throws his dyaket onto you all cool-like as if he were a hero, then punches the guy that poured the soda, creating a fight scene. Then Momoi comes to you just before a crowd starts to clamor around...
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posted by shinju-chan
-Okay, I find that HILARIOUS when Wakamatsu couldn't even sit in the sauna for 5 minutes,

-kuroko looks adorable with his flushed face- :3

I find it EXTREMELY HILARIOUS, when Riko's dad threatened the basketbol team with a gun to see if anyone saw her naked- lol

And now thanks to this episode, I can see why there are so many yaoi doujinshis out there. Lol


posted by Nalu-love
Motivation for playing basketball
Kuroko→Thought it was interesting after watching on TV
Kagami→Dragged in sa pamamagitan ng Himuro
Kise→Saw Aomine's match
Midorima→Started as a recreation activity from studies
Aomine→Forgot. Started playing before he knew it
Murasakibara→Was asked to play mini basketbol (basketball for kids)

Type of girls (that they like)
Kuroko→Gentle people
Kagami→Stable gir……person……
Kise→A girl who won't tie him down
Aomine→Girls with big bust
Murasakibara→Tall girl (if taller than me, then forget it)

Alternate jobs (not related to basketball)...
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posted by Nalu-love
Name: Shūzō Nijimura
Kanji: 虹村 修造

Vital Statistics
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Professional Statistics
Team: Teikō (former)

Position: Power Forward

First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 205

Shūzō Nijimura (虹村 修造, Nijimura Shūzō) was the captain of Teikō Junior High, leading the Generation of Miracles when they were in their first year.

Nijimura has short black hair with his bangs combed to the left side. He is rather tall and wears a black armband on his left forearm. Being the captain, he played with the jersey number 4.

Personality(unknown for now)

Nijimura attended Teikō...
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