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I recently purchased off of ebay a book called simply L File No. 15. It is a photobook, and I think self-standing--I don't know that there are 14 others out there. It's mostly in Japanese, but mostly photos, so it doesn't matter, except for the two short manga in Japanese, which I wish for my sake were translated. The mga litrato are of the live action L, but publicity mga litrato and not taken from the films. We see L play with his food, go to a theme park, and walk the city streets at night. There's even two of L taking a bubble bath, but unfortunately, the suds cover up everything. Just a glimpse of his chest would've been nice! Anyway, if you see this book on ebay, Rinkya, or whatever, try to grab it, because it is an important part of anyone's L collection.
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i did not make this it was sa pamamagitan ng Sofiierrr on youtube...i posted this vid because i just pag-ibig this song!!so i give her credit!!!
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