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Illustrations that appeared in the original publication of the novel "Les Miserables."
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This Les Miserables litrato might contain manganganyon, bandsman, green beret, mga espesyal na pwersa, and pili kawal.

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I'm sure mostof you have noticed that far madami popular than the Cosette/Marius ship is the Éponine/Marius ship. I don't mind the ship, but I often find people asking why Marius was so blind to Éponine's love, never considered her and chose Cosette over her. Here are a few reasons:

1. First off, you have to know that the musical isn't completely honest with the character of Éponine, nor the relationship she shares with Marius. The musical had to make several altercations to the characters, including breaking the relation between the Thérnardiers and Gavriche (he is their son), and discarding...
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And, yes...THIS IS MY SCHOOL :D :D Monache High School at the Selma Band Review :D
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Jehan's death scene in Shoujo Cosette.
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