Leyton Family<3 Characters who I've changed my opinion of // which do you agree with most?

Pick one:
Jack Shepherd [Hated >> Love]
Juliet Burke [Liked >> HATE]
Killian Jones [Disliked >> Liked >> Indifferent]
Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. ginto [Liked >> Hate]
Jamie Lannister [Disliked >> LOVE]
Sansa Stark [Indifferent >> LOVE]
Alex Vause [Disliked >> Like]
Galina 'Red' Reznikov [Disliked >> Love]
Siobhan Sadler [Didn't trust >> Love]
Kieran Wilcox [Liked >> Hate]
Freddie Mclair [Hated >> Respect]
Lydia Martin [LOVED >> Dislike]
Malia Tate [Disliked >> Love]
Chris Argent [Disliked >> Love]
Peter Hale [Disliked >> Love-to-Hate/Hate-to-Love]
Sookie Stackhouse [Loved >> Liked >> Meh]
Ted Mosby [Liked >> Dislike]
Ziva David [Didn't trust >> Love]
Blair Waldorf [Loved >> Dislike]
Chuck bass [LOVED >> HATE]
Serena van der Woodsen [Loved >> Indifferent]
Jenny Humphrey [Disliked >> Appreciate/like]
Chris Keller [Disliked >> Love]
Julian Baker [Indifferent >> Hate]
Victoria Davis [Disliked >> Like]
Enzo St. John [Disliked >> Like]
Stefan Salvatore [Disliked/Hated >> LOVE]
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