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posted by tvshowfan
Foster was help captive, then is drowned in a lake or a pool. Lightman saves her life sa pamamagitan ng giving her CPR.
Later that night, LIghtman and his daughter are about to eat dinner.
And Foster shows up.
Lightman sagot door,
" Hey, um I just wanted to drop off this case file." Foster says.
Lightman gives her a funny look, and takes the file.
"Hey do you want to come in for a moment?" Lightman ask Foster.
"Um it looks like you are about to eat" Foster says observing Lightman's daughter setting the table.
"Yea that's okay, you can eat with us."
Foster pauses for a moment, and says okay.
The three of them have...
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So we were discussing Callian in the flail party pagtitip. but i figured that i would post it here too. Not that many people come to this spot (frowny face) but i figured it was madami likely to be seen here so here we go!

Many viewers on the ipakita would argue that Cal and Gillian are definitely heading into the relationship direction. I myself am one of them. While they are, at the moment, just mga kaibigan there is a mutual attraction there that is hard to hide and it affects their actions both towards one another and towards others. We'll start with Cal.

Ohh Cal. He is an interesting man. The best...
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posted by Jello12423
Well it happened, soro has let go another great show.
As of May 10, 2011, soro announced they have canceled: Lie To Me, Human Target, and The Chicago Code.

In season one, LTM had 11.06 million views.
Then Nawawala some in season two, dropping to 7.39 million views.
Sadly, it dropped some madami for season three.
Falling down to only 5.84 views, there was no hope for LTM.
Still, every tagahanga is devastated. And already people are hopping some other broadcasting telebisyon ipakita will buy LTM.

Human Targets Viewing:
Season one: Started with 10.12 million views, then the end of the first season, it had dropped to 8.23 million views.
Season two: Only made 6.59 million views.

Sorry, no ratings on The Chicago Code.

It's sad to see LTM leave, please someone! BUY LTM!
posted by Jello12423
I am loving Lie To Me even more!
This is a ipakita you got to watch! ( TELL UR FRIENDS)
In the season finale (season 3) " Killers App " You see not even madami growing between Cal and Gillian, but what most fans say,
"Best episode ever!" " soro we need more!"
"When does season 4 start?!"
I'm demanding madami as well. And as Lie To Me grows stronger and stronger, hitting madami than 7 million views, fans are also demanding the writers to ipakita madami of what's between Cal and Gillian.
Until season 4 starts, I will enjoy reruns!
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posted by Juliana_House
I know that this is completley walang tiyak na layunin and out of the blue, but I did say that I would be Pagsulat about the one and only, so here it is!
Truth be told, before I go on with this, I have to say that Tim Roth is one of my paborito actors of all time, so at times I may be over glorifying him too much, but that's just me.

The whole point of this 'article' or 'opinion', as it were, is to let you see Cal Lightman as I see him, and ipakita you how I take everything that he does and analyze it until I can understand his motives and personality. (I know, I have absolutly nothing else to do.)
I watch Lie to...
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