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10-Coming up with this whole Jacob/light thing at the final season.

9-Making only a 5-day gap before one of the most anticipated episode of all time,they should've left the hype build on.

8-Raising too many mysteries than they could handle.

7-The pag-ibig tatsulok thing is just too silly to be true.

6-The submarine submerge CGI in "Follow the leader" is very horrible and unforgivable.

5-Getting drunkies to perform key roles

4-Not striking a balance between the importance of every character(Jack has had over 30 centric episodes,while Characters like Claire Had very few)

3-Allowing a Nawawala game this awful to be put on the streets to haunt Nawawala fanatics in their dreams.

2-The Epilogue is meaningless,useless and Worthless.

1-"Stranger in a strange land",That was a mistake.
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