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posted by keninv
Girls, few words bring mga paru-paro to the stomach quite like the three beautiful words: THE FIRST KISS.

It is something so mysterious, so special and something that we wait a long time for. When it actually happens, it is often really very short. You want your first halik to be special and sweet, and you do not want the person you halik to end up with slobber all over his face (or all over yours for that matter).

Many girls have not kissed a boy at 14, 15 or 16. If you have not kissed anyone yet, don't worry about it. Do it when it feels right and halik the right guy. Don't do it just because...
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Dear reader(s),
This artikulo has been written off of personal experiences, and this is written to give payo and guidance to help a person who is unsure if they wanna petsa someone.


#1: Listen to your heart, but also your mind. This is because your puso will tell you who you like and why, while your mind tells you how the person you are dating acts/behaves and how he treats you

#2 Get to know the person more. It doesn't hurt to let yourself know how the person you're dating acts and feels. Bottom line, don't rush a relationship because you might regret it...
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English - I pag-ibig you
Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
Albanian - Te dua
Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
Arabic - Ana behibek (to female)
Armenian - Yes kez sirumen
Bambara - M'bi fe
Bangla - Aamee tuma ke bhalo aashi
Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah
Cantonese Chinese - Ngo oiy ney a
Catalan - T'estimo
Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male)
Creol - Mi aime jou
Croatian - Volim te
Czech - Miluji te
Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
Esperanto - Mi amas vin
Estonian - Ma armastan sind
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This is a 'HATE letter' and if you don't get it read between the lines (1,3,5,7,9 etc.)
Clever guy.

1. "The great pag-ibig that I have for you
2. is gone, and I find my dislike for you
3. grows every day. When I see you,
4. I do not even like your face;
5. the one thing that I want to do is to
6. look at other girls. I never wanted to
7. marry you. Our last conversation
8. was very boring and has not
9. made me look pasulong to seeing you again.
10. You think only of yourself.
11. If we were married, I know that I would find
12. life very difficult, and I would have no
13. pleasure in living with you. I have...
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I got these mga panipi from google and i made some up they are about all kinds of love.

1)lylas! lylab! (love you like a sister and brother)

2)you can pag-ibig anything even if its stupid and dont let yourself get made fun of for doing it because they probably pag-ibig something stupid also

3)maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed maybe they're supposed to run wild until they find someone just as wild to run with

4)i never stopped loving you i just stopped ipinapakita it

5)i wanna be the girl HE'S scared to lose the one where he can't walk away, the one who can't fall asleep with out her voice being the last...
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pag-ibig is.....painful. It really is. Still I feel heartbroken about the situation between me, Dakota(the boy I loved), and Ashley(my friend who got to him first). But truth is, I need to just forget. Yes it still hurts but I need to find somebod else. I don't know if I should try to win him back or ilipat on. Maybe I should be with somebody else for awhile and see if it passes. But....that isn't that easy. So here is a poem i've written~ You broke my heart.
Maybe we should be apart.
I just don't know which
way to go.
I really did pag-ibig you.
But all the pain you
put me through.
I just don't know...
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Nearness of the
Beloved One

Translation sa pamamagitan ng Hyde Flippo

I think of you,
when I see the sun's shimmer
Gleaming from the sea.
I think of you,
when the moon's glimmer
Is reflected in the springs.

I see you,
when on the distant road
The dust rises,
In deep night,
when on the narrow bridge
The traveler trembles.

I hear you,
when with a dull roar
The wave surges.
In the quiet grove I often go to listen
When all is silent.

I am with you,
however far away you may be,
You are susunod to me!
The sun is setting,
soon the stars will shine upon me.
If only you were here!

To a guy I never wanted to fall for cuz he lives much too...
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They dropped of Shelly to the mall.
Jessica- Brake a leg and arm and your neck.
Shelly- pag-ibig ya too jess.

Jess- Yup.
Jeff- Have fun .

Jeff turned on his car and left fast!

Jeff- Ah-hahahahahaha! Good plan hun! It worked!
Jess- I know! Wooo-hooo! No off to your house!
Jeff- Yaah!

He drived faster.
They went to his house and his mother send Jeff and jess went to his room where his mom told him his BIG gift is.

Jeff- Wow.
Jess- Open the bg box!
Jeff- I know! Help me!

Jess grabbed big scissors and opened the box.

Jeff- It's a ...
Jess and Jeff- A telaport!
Jess- Wow.
Jeff- OMG I always wanted to go to...
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Some time I feel I am lesbian. I’m 18 and want hookup with girls before, we just kisses on whole night. Some time nakaraan I went go further with my best friend of mine. That time we were very younger and want to do some experiment. That time I feel attracted to most of girls. That time I had not any boy friend and till now. At present I am also not attract to any boy. I had never physical attachment with any boy. I feel I understand women and I often believe of having a girlfriend. I frequently imagine about women. Can somebody tell me what they believe? I am uncertain and my mga kaibigan recognize...
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Ok, so before I spoke about family pag-ibig and now technically we know what it's about. Now I'm gonna talk about pag-ibig that most teens are keen to know about but, wait, sometimes doesn't work out. mga kaibigan and Relationships.

Friendship is also something we need to have in my opinion, even jackasses need it to keep their jackass title. mga kaibigan can betray you, fight for you, always look out for and so on. My mga kaibigan were great at first but later totally forgot that I existed but let's not talk about me! mga kaibigan can actually change your world, influence you take care of you and bla bla bla....
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posted by bee--123
uy i have a special someone in my life and i pag-ibig them they might think i don't but i do and always will till death do us apart lol it's true though i pag-ibig him and always will he's always on my mind in my puso and in my dreams cause i pag-ibig him he's the one i thank well to me he is hopefully i'm his one well the one he can spend his whole life with he says i am but i don't know he might be i thank he is he is my true pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig true pag-ibig true pag-ibig is always there and always will be i pag-ibig him to death do us apart pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig pag-ibig love
posted by karlyluvsam
Let's have some fun,
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

I wanna halik you
But if I do then I might miss you babe
It's complicated and stupid
Got my asno squeezed sa pamamagitan ng sexy Cupid
Guess he wants to play,
Wants to play
A pag-ibig game
A pag-ibig game

Hold me and pag-ibig me
Just want to touch you for a minute
Maybe three segundos is enough for my puso to quit it
Let's have some fun,
This beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Don't think too much just bust that kick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

Let's play a pag-ibig game,
Play a pag-ibig game
Do you want pag-ibig or you...
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posted by Kristina_Beauty
 I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
Hi! My name is Kristina Pimenova! You'd better look me up of you have never heard of me. I'll wait.

Ok, you ready? I'm the prettiest girl in the world! Exciting, riiiiiiight?! If you still don't know me very well.....JUST LOOK ME UP FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! Ugh! But if you have....

....thanks! I am a model! I am beautiful! And I live in Calabasas, California! Pleeeeeeease message me! I message back! And...


Be a tagahanga of this


Be a tagahanga of me

And have a greeeat day! Byyyyyeeee! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
YOU HAVE to read all of them and if you don't your going to come across with problems in your relationship for the susunod month!

1) Guys may be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep they always think about the girl they truly care about

2) Guys are madami emotional then you think if they loved you at one point it takes them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every segundo that they arent with you

3) Guys go crazy over a girl's smile

4) A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to

5) Giving a guy a hanging messa​ge like "You know what uh...never mind....."...
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This artikulo was written sa pamamagitan ng Fanpop guest contributor Stacee R.

The hardest part about dating is finding out if the guy you’re interested in actually likes you. Once it’s established, moving pasulong is easy, but getting there is the tricky part. Here are six ways to know if the guy you’re crushing on is crushing back!

1. How does he act when he’s around you?

Both men and women act in strange and unusual ways when they’re around someone they like. Some people get shy while others take over and need all the attention. Most of these gestures are simple tactics to get the other’s attention....
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1.They always smell good even if it's just shampoo

2.The way their heads always find the right spot on your shoulder

3.The ease with which they fit into your arms

4.The way they halik you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world

5.How cute they are when they eat

6.The way they take hours to dress‚ but in the end it's all worthwhile

7.Because they're always warm‚ even when it's negative thirty degrees outside

8.The way they look good no matter what they wear

9.The way they isda for compliments

10.How cute they are when they argue

11.The way their hands always find yours

12.The way they smile...
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posted by isabelle_905
Another email…

Dear Tech Support,

Last taon I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slow-down in pangkalahatang system performance - particularly in the bulaklak and jewellery applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, installation of Husband 1.0 seems to have uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, and then installed such other undesirable programs as NFL 5.0, NBA 3.0.and Golf Clubs 4.1.

Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system.

I've tried running Nagging...
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posted by AlOoOosh
I don’t pag-ibig you….
But I want to be with you…
I admire you..
I don’t pag-ibig you..
I only want to stay with you…
I want to follow you..
To hell ……to heaven ….as long as I am with you..
About the whole world I don’t care…
As long as I am with you..
I don’t pag-ibig you..
But I am always thinking of you..
I am not worried about you..
I am worried about my future ….about my life..about my whole world…without you………
I don’t pag-ibig you..
But I loved dreaming with you…
I don’t pag-ibig you..
but I am ligtas with you …
And I want to hold you
I don’t pag-ibig you…
So… you pag-ibig me?
I don’t hate you …
But please tell me..
Who am I?
And who are you???
posted by isabelle_905
Great email.


When she walks away from you mad:
Follow her.

When she stares at your mouth:
Kiss her.

When she pushes you or hits you:
Grab her and don’t let go.

When she starts cussing at you:
Kiss her and tell her you pag-ibig her.

When she's quiet:
Ask her what’s wrong.

When she ignores you:
Give her your attention.

When she pulls away:
Pull her back.

When you see her at her worst:
Tell her she's beautiful.

When you see her start crying:
Just hold her and don’t say a word.

When you see her walking:
Sneak up and hug her waist from behind.

When she's scared:
Protect her.

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posted by Dark-Blood
 my wedding bands! :D
my wedding bands! :D
it was a taon nakaraan an after 2 really bad relationships (on here) I was done ready to give I sinabi my goodbyes I had my bottle of pain pills and pepis ready to end my life at tahanan I was going through abuse I was covered in bruises I figured my life wasn't worth living so I was done the night before I was ready to take my life I checked my fanpop pader and there was one post that sinabi *im wounded* so I checked it this user had been dumped lied to hurt just like I had been I had never talked to this user before but now I was on his pader posting a *what happened ans how can I help* a few posts back...
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