pag-ibig What do/would u like to say to the girl you love?

Pick one:
"Words" can't describe how much you mean to me!
Only you and me know the "True pag-ibig Ways"
"She" is nothing compare to you!
"It's gonna be alright" honey
You made it possible for me to answer the tanong "What is love" - it's you!
I cried "Somebody Save Me" and I'm so glad you heard me!
I pag-ibig u in my life - please don't "Disappear"
You wanna know if i pag-ibig you???? "Hell yeah"! Of course i do!
You are my sweetest "Fantasy" cuz ur real
"Fly Me To The Moon" I'd go anywhere with u!
 IsabellaAzuria posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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