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the list below are movies that Miss Ball has appeared in that have already been capped and uploaded to this spot. If you're looking for images from a certain movie, just let me know and I will try and upload it as soon as possible, Thanks:)

Directed by Gene Kelly, this all-star romp centers on faithful married man Paul Manning (Walter Matthau), who's tempted by his philandering friend Edward (Robert Morse) to cheat on his beautiful wife (Inger Stevens) -- even though he doesn't really want to. Adding to the comedy, an arsenal of celebrities appear in illustrative how-to vignettes, including Lucille Ball, Sid Caesar, Art Carney, Jayne Mansfield and Carl Reiner.

(1954) NR
"I Love Lucy" co-stars and real-life husband-and-wife team Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz star in this hilarious adaptation of Clinton Twiss's novel, following the high jinks of a newlywed couple who spend their honeymoon in a trailer. After making big plans to Colorado in their lemon-yellow motor home, it doesn't take long for Nicky (Arnaz) and Tacy (Ball) to realize that they'll be lucky if they make it to their final destination in one piece.

Lucille Ball delivers a larger-than-life, Golden Globe-nominated performance as Mame Dennis, a zesty, eyebrow-raising eccentric who suddenly finds herself guardian to her orphaned nephew. But while her parenting credentials may be dubious, she has plenty to teach the lad about living life to the hilt. Bea Arthur also earned a Golden Globe nod for her turn as Mame's boozy best friend, Vera Charles.

(1968) UR
Forget the SUV, this family needs a school bus. Widow Helen North (Lucille Ball) marries widower Frank Beardsley (Henry Fonda), a union that results in a grand total of 18 children. Household chaos ensues as they all learn to share the same space. When flu season hits, the family doctor (Tom Bosley) finds himself a very busy man. Just as things begin to settle down, Helen finds out they'll need to make room for one more at the dinner table.
 the listahan below are pelikula that Miss Ball has appeared in that have already been capped and uploaded
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