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posted by BlondLionEzel
"sore ja mata ne" tte te wo futte
muri ni waratte samishiku natte...

    I wave, saying "Well, see you later"
Smiling uselessly, getting lonely...

hodoukyou jitensha kakaete noboru hito
KONBINI dareka no UWASAbanashi
kousaten shingou tooku no KURAKUSHON
shiranai dareka no waraiau koe

    On the pedestrian bridge, a person goes up on a bicycle
Somebody gossiping at the convenience store
At the light at the intersection, a distant car horn
The laughing voices of somebody I don't know

kyou wa hitori de aruku kayoinareta michi
demo itsumo yori mo nandaka
jibun ga chotto...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Plot: An alt story telling of Madoka Magica. The new main characters are Nick, a Majin, and Lotte, a Magical Girl. They must fight witches together along with other Magical Girls.

Team Magica:

Nick Roy (Leader)
Lotte Minamoto
Mami Tomoe
Kyoko Sakura
Sayaka Miki
Yuma Chitose


Madoka Kaname
Georgia Minamoto

Witch Empire:

Walprigus Night
Lord Orochi
Car Drones
Jet Drones
Kabuto Drones
Kuwaga Drones

Dark Magical Girls:

Yuuri (Leader)
Ayase Souju
Oriko Mikuni
Kirika Kure


Opening: MAGICALZ (by M-flo)
End: Connect (Instrumental)


Ep 1: Lotte
Ep 2: Rising (Part 1)
Ep 3: Rising (Part 2)
Ep 4: Rising (Part 3)
Ep 5: Rising (Part 4)
Ep 6: Rising (Part 5)
Ep 7: Light
Ep 8: Dark
Ep 9: Stand
Ep 10: Fall
Ep 11: Smile
Ep 12: Whereabouts (Part 1)
Ep 13: Whereabouts (Part 2)

Other ideas?
posted by BlondLionEzel
itsuka kimi ga hitomi ni tomosu ai no hikari ga
toki wo koete
horobiisogu sekai no yume wo
tashika ni hitotsu kowasu darou

    Someday, the light of pag-ibig that you set aflame in your eyes
Will transcend time
And surely destroy one dream
Of this world that hurries to its ruin.

tamerai wo nomihoshite
kimi ga nozomu MONO wa nani?
konna yokubukai akogare no yukue ni
hakanai ashita wa aru no?

    Swallow down your hesitation.
What is it that you wish for?
On the path of yearning as greedy as this,
Will there be a transient tomorrow?

kodomo no koro yume ni miteta
inishie no...
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I won’t forget the promise we made
I’ll close my eyes and ascertain it
Shaking off the darkness that closed in on me, I advance on

When can I see again here
the future that I lost?

Again and again, I’ll tear apart the shadow of distress that spilled out
and walk on in this world

The time that ticked away ceaselessly now announces the beginning
Putting my unchanging feelings into it
I’ll open the closed door

My puso awoke to draw the future where I’d start running
Even if I come to a standstill on a difficult road
The sky is always waiting for me in a beautiful blue
So I’m not scared
By now,...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

    Sabitsuita kokoro,

otomonai sekai, nani o miteruno?
Matane o ieru kao o sagasuyo
sore o kurikaesu dake
    (Kyoko) With two hearts rusting together,

in a world without sound; what do you see?
I'm searching for the face who will say "see you again,"
I'll just be doing it over and over again.

    Kizukeba soko ni...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 2: The Loss of One

*Mitakihara Town, Mitakihara Empire Building*

Kyoko Sakura: *Scouting* witches for the past few days...*Notices something*

Homura Akemi: *Goes into a dark alleyway*

Kyoko Sakura: *Jumps and lands on the tuktok of a house* Where are you going?

Homura Akemi: The better tanong is, why are you following me? Did that Wolfe guy send you?

Kyoko Sakura: No. I'm doing my daily scouting for the team.

Homura Akemi: Team...what a pathetic way to say a group of losers.

Elise: *Notices Homura Akemi* You're here.

Homura Akemi: Has the attack begun yet?

Elise: *Nods* They've just...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 3: I Rise, You Fall

*Dark Alleys, Mitakihara Town*

Elise: *Looks around* With Nick Wolfe out of the picture, now there is nothing that can stop us!

Homura: And you're going to hold your end of bargain?

Elise: You mean to protect that Madoka girl? Yes.

Homura: Good.

Hiyori: When shall Kasier arrive?

Kaiser Jarek: *Appears* I have arrived!

Elise: Kaiser! *Bows* It has been too long!

Kaiser Jarek: Yes...I've been patiently waiting for someone to kill the last Half-Wolf...who was it?

Homura: That would be me...

Kaiser Jarek: *Levitates to her* What a cute specimen...*Pinches her left cheek* What...
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posted by BlondLionEzel

Nick Wolfe: *Narrating* Before time began, a group of beings known as "The Creators" went to war with a group called "The Incubators". They both created sentient life, but the Creators were overthrown but their creations...

*Mitakihara Town, C.E. 2011*

Madoka Kaname: *Walking to school with Sayaka Miki*

Sayaka Miki: So I heard that we might be getting a new student, what do you think Madoka?

Madoka Kaname: Hmm...I kind of hope it's a cute boy.

Sayaka Miki: *Nods*

Mami Tomoe: *Walks up to Madoka and Sayaka* Hello.

Sayaka Miki: Mami, did you hear about the new student?

Mami Tomoe: *Nods*

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posted by BlondLionEzel
Hikari ga
Yume no you na uta ga
Kimi no hoo wo nurashi
Yawaraka na sora
Tooku made yuku
Chiisana kokoro hitotsu dakede
Mada furueru tsubasa de

A song like a dream
Wets your cheek
The soft sky
Going into the distance
With just one little heart
With still trembling wings

Ashita e
Natsukashii kinou e
Kono yubi de musunda chiisana yakusoku wo
Kanae ni yukou
Toki no owari de
Kimi ni aeru sono hi wo mune ni
Negai dake ni natte
Toozakaru mirai made

    To tomorrow
To a nostalgic yesterday
A small promise bound sa pamamagitan ng our fingers
Will be fulfilled
To the end of time
The araw I get...
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posted by BlondLionEzel


Lotte: *A somewhat tall, brown haired, brown eyed, english girl* This place is great!

Madoka: *Sees Lotte* Hello!

Lotte: Do you know where the Junior High is?

Madoka: Yeah! It's the school I go to. Are you the exchange student?

Lotte: *Nods* My name is Lotte, Lotte Heartally. What's yours?

Madoka: I am Madoka Kaname.

Lotte: Nice to meet you, Madoka!


Teacher: *Taking role*

Hitomi: *Looking at Lotte evilly*

Lotte: *Sees Hitomi and whispers to Sayaka* Who is that?

Sayaka: That's Hitomi...she's been acting...scary...

Nick: *Has black hair, brown eyes, and a sando with a dragon on it*...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Plot: It is the taon 2014, and all Magical Girls and Witches have had there powers sealed in toys called "Magic Dolls". Now, a girl named Ginga Hoshi, her boyfriend Scott Archer, and her BFFs (Zoe, and Mari) must defeat the New Saga Empire.

Magical Girls/Allies:

Ginga Hoshi
Age: 15
Hair Color: kulay-rosas with bituin Braids
Eye Color: Galaxies
Wish: To be able to save the Magical Girls.
Soul Gem Color: Cosmic
Weapon: Magic Blade

Scott Archer
Age: 15
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Powers: Can control Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth

Zoe Hayata
Age: 14
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Orange
Wish: To help Ginga in her...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 2:

Lotte: *Walking and talking with Nick*

Nick: So your from England, Lotte?

Lotte: Yeah! It's a really nice place *Smiles*

Nick: *Senses something*

Lotte: What's wrong?

Nick: DUCK!

Sokola: *A mime-like witch fires a beam at Lotte*

Lotte: AH! *Jumps out of the way*

Sokola: *Fires again*

Mami: *Intercepts* TRIO FINALE!

Sokola: *Knocks Mami away*

Mami: *Fires at Sokola*

Sokola: *Feels nothing and grabs Mami* Yum!

Nick: *Meditating*

Lotte: Help us!

Nick: *Turns into a dragon-like warrior and pulls out a small blade*

Lotte: Woah...

Nick: *Jumps and cuts off Sokola's arm*

Sokola: AH! *Drops Mami*

Nick: *Helps...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Plot: This is a ipakita about Lotte Magica character Nick Ryu. Nick Ryu shows different magical girls and battles witches himself.


Nick Ryu
Lotte Heartfeltia


Kirameku Mirai" (キラメク未来?, lit. "Shining Future")

Lyrics: Hideki Tama (田靡 秀樹 Tama Hideki?)
Composition & Arrangement: Takao Konishi (小西 貴雄 Konishi Takao?)
Artist: voyager feat. Nick Ryu
Episodes: 1-13

Rising High"

Lyrics & Composition: Toshihiko Takamizawa (高見沢 俊彦 Takamizawa Toshihiko?)
Arrangement: Toshihiko Takamizawa with Yuichiro Honda (本田 優一郎...
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posted by Gwiazdeczka
Type: Anime/Manga
Status: Finished Airing
Genres: Magic, Psychological, Thriller
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
Synopsis: After experiencing a bizarre dream, Madoka Kaname, a kind 14-year old girl, encounters a magical creature named Kyube. Madoka and her friend Sayaka Miki are offered the opportunity of gaining magical powers if they agree to make a contract with the strange little being. He will also grant them one wish, but in exchange they shall risk their lives sa pamamagitan ng accepting the responsibility of fighting witches. Invisible to human eyes, witches are catalysts of despair in the areas they inhabit. An ally of Kyube, a magical girl named Mami Tomoe, befriends and encourages the two girls to accept the contract. For an unknown reason, another magical girl named Homura Akemi is determined to prevent Madoka from accepting the deal.

Source: link


Type of Magic that they Specialize in:
How they wear Uniform(if there is one):
What Their Magical Girl outfit Looks Like:

Mine is:

Name: Akemi Hikari (distant relative of Homura)
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Type of Magic that they Specialize in: Darkness, Ice
Grade: 7th
Appearance: Long, Curly black...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 4: Kai's Past part 2

Walprigus: -holding Kai and looking at her soul gem-

Saga: hello... miss Walprigus...

Walprigus: what do you want?

Saga: just to do this -darkens her soul gem-

Walprigus: -turns into a witch- NO!

Saga: -laughs- and i cursed you...

Walprigus: why... I CONTRACTED WITH YOU!!!!

Saga: it never sinabi i couldn't do it.... -grins-

Wolfgang: Walprigus!!!! -looks at Saga- WHAT DID YOU DO????!!!!!

Saga: -stabs Wolfgang, turning him into a hideous looking Warlock-

Wolfgang: what did you do????!!!!!!

Saga: -laughs-

RJ: -runs with Baby Kai-

Saga: i will kill him someday...

RJ: -runs to side of a road-

Miss Tomoe: who is that? -looks at RJ and Baby Kai-

Mr Tomoe: we should help them -stops Car to help them-

RJ: thank you

Baby Mami: -asleep-

Baby Kai: -asleep-
posted by BlondLionEzel
Seigi Magica:

Age: 13
Hair Color: Brown
Wish: To protect all mga lobo from hunters.
Soul Gem Color: Grey
Weapons: lobo Claw, Coyote Cannon
Favorite Food: Venison

Age: 9
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Wish: To not be homeless.
Soul Gem Color: Blue
Weapons: Wings that apoy feathers
Favorite Food: Pears, Cupcakes

Age: 12
Hair Color: Light Red
Wish: To be able to control weather.
Soul Gem Color: Orange
Weapons: Teru Teru Bozu Staff
Favorite Food: Mongolian Beef

Age: 11
Hair Color: Black
Wish: To find her real father.
Soul Gem Color: Green
Weapons: Boomerangs
Favorite Food: Curry

Age: 14
Hair Color:...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1: New Alliances

*Mitakihara Town, 2014 C.E.*

Nick Wolfe: *In Full-Wolf form, chasing a large Familiar*

Tank Familiar: *Fires at Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Dodges, summons his kahel Blade, and slices the Tank Familiar in half*


Mami Tomoe: *Finishes off two Tank Familiars*

Tank Familiars: *Destroyed*

Sayaka Miki and Madoka Kaname: *Chasing after the Tank Witch*

Tank Witch: *Rampaging through the city*

Kyoko Sakura: *Binds the Tank Witch with her elongating spear* Gotcha!

Nick Wolfe: *Jumps on the Tank Witch, summons his kahel Hooks and tears the Tank Witch's treads off*

Tank Witch: *Falls...
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I remembered black skies
The lightning all around me
I remembered each flash
As time began to blur
Like a startling sign
That fate had finally found me
And your voice was all I heard
That I get what I deserve

So give me reason
To prove me wrong
To wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross
The distance in your eyes
Give me reason
To fill this hole
Connect the puwang between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
Across this new divide

There was nothing in sight
But memories left abandoned
There was nowhere to hide
The ashes fell like snow
And the ground caved in
Between where we were standing
And your voice...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
003 Cut Witch
004 Guts Witch
005 Ice Witch
006 Bomb Witch
007 apoy Witch
008 Elec Witch
009 Metal Witch
010 Air Witch
011 Bubble Witch
012 Quick Witch
013 Crash Witch
014 Flash Witch
015 Heat Witch
016 Wood Witch
017 Needle Witch
018 Magnet Witch
019 Gemini Witch
020 Hard Witch
021 tuktok Witch
022 Snake Witch
023 Spark Witch
024 Shadow Witch
025 Bright Witch
026 Toad Witch
027 Drill Witch
028 Pharaoh Witch
029 Ring Witch
030 Dust Witch
031 Dive Witch
032 Skull Witch
033 Gravity Witch
034 Wave Witch
035 Stone Witch
036 gyro Witch
037 bituin Witch
038 Charge Witch
039 Napalm Witch
040 Crystal Witch
041 Blizzard Witch
042 Centaur Witch...
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