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One of my warrior Pusa
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Autummfall closed her eyes slowly. She felt depressed her mother had left their tribe to sumali Fierce tribe. She had left her behind her old tahanan to make clans instead. The clans were known for their personalities Snowclan are the sneaky ones they tend to lurk in the Snow since most Snowclan Pusa have white fur. Moonclan Pusa are mysterious and friendly they like to help other Pusa but, act madami elegant yet they're tough in battle. Grassclan Pusa are quick and very loyal they enjoy their days out on open moors chasing rabbits some even go inside rabbit borrows! Blazeclan happened to be the bravo and bold ones who were ready to charge into battle at any moment. I think Snowclan is nice but, my balahibo color won't match the description... we will arrive at camp when we set off in the morning. "Autummfall are you coming or not? We're going early!" Smokeshadow called from the entrance of her den. Her puso leaped with excitement she was going to be part of a clan!
To be continued...
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Lightning Tail walked up to his mate, seresa Heart. He saw that the Fresh-Kill pile was low. “Would you like to go hunting?” He asked. “I would loves to” she purred. They were walking through the woods, then seresa puso stoped. “What is it?” Lightning Tail asked. “I smell squirrel” she said. He saw the ardilya and began to creep up on it. Then he smelled a new scent. It was Lake Clan’s.”We need to get back to camp, quick!” He sinabi urgently. They raced back to camp. When they went in they saw a chaos of battle. Lightning Tail jumped in to help. He pounced on a Lake Clan...
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