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posted by MJlover101
The susunod morning, Rosabel woke up with a start to the usual kampanilya and shouting. She groaned and wished she could go back to sleep but then remembered who was coming that day. She jumped out of kama and ran over to her small wardrobe. Even though Rosabel didn't have many clothes, she picked out her favourite kulay-rosas dress and blue socks. Then she looked at herself in the cracked mirror that was on the pader and tried to untangle her hair. After about a minuto of running her fingers through her blonde hair, she took out a red ribbon that had lain in the wardrobe for weeks and put it in her sock, hoping to ask Matron Isabelle to tie it in her hair later.

Before Rosabel went downstairs, she went back to her kama and took out the picture of Michael from under her pillow. Just then the door of her bedroom creaked open. Rosabel turned around and her puso suddenly felt like it dropped into her stomach as she saw who was there. The person who had just come into Rosabel's room was Claudia, a tall twelve taon old with thin brown hair and spotty skin. She was the oldest of the children and her hobby was bullying all the younger children with her mga kaibigan Stephen and Alex.
"I bet you're so excited that Wacko Jacko is coming today." Claudia said.
"Don't call him that." Rosabel sinabi quietly.
"Why not? That's his name isn't it? I don't get why he's even coming. The guy's crazy."
"No he isn't!" Rosabel said, anger bubbling inside her.
"He's probably coming to do his wierd voodoo tricks on us." Stephen said.
"Maybe he'll do that trick where he turns black and then white!" Alex said, laughing.
"Stop it!" Rosabel yelled.
"Aww, we've upset you, haven't we?" Claudia said, walking towards Rosabel. "What's that?"

Claudia snatched the picture of Michael that Rosabel was holding.
"He's doing that annoying song from the Bad album, isn't he? The only reason that album is called Bad is because Pathetic couldn't fit on the label. Anyway, I'll take this."
Claudia, Stephen and Alex were about to shut the door and go downstairs when Rosabel sprinted after them.
"No, give it back!" She cried.
Rosbael chased them downstairs past the kusina and into the living room. She could see Claudia and Stephen but she couldn't see Alex.
"Give me back my picture." Rosabel said, trying to keep her voice steady.
"No." sinabi Claudia. "It's mine now."
"That's not fair! It belongs to me!"
"Not anymore."
Rosabel was about to try and tackle Claudia when Alex suddenly came from beind her and grabbed her around the waist. Rosabel tried with all her might to break free, but to no avail.
"Hey Rosabel, watch this." Claudia said.
She took Rosabel's picture and ripped it in half, then into quaters, then into eighths, until all that was left were tiny shreds of paper. Then Stephen picked them up and threw them into the fireplace and lit the fire.
Rosabel screamed and finally broke away from Alex.
"What did you do?!" She cried, tears streaming down her face. "That was my only picture! How could you?!"

Then Rosabel walked straight up to Claudia and began doing everything that she thought would hurt her. She kicked her, she hit her and she bit her until another voice interrupted.
"Rosabel Diamond!" It was the booming voice of Matron Helen. "What the devil do you think you're doing? How dare you hurt another child!"
"But she ripped and burnt my picture!" Rosabel said, quickly getting off Claudia.
"I don't care what she did, you must never hurt another child!"
"But she made me upset!"
"That's it, come with me."
"Why?" Rosabel said, panicking.
"Until the end of this week, you will be in the cellar."
"I have to meet Michael Jackson though!"
"You can forget about that. He wouldn't want to be anwhere near a brat like you."
Matron Helen pulled Rosabel sa pamamagitan ng the arm and lead Rosabel to the cellar. She took a thick steel rod with her.
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