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sasuki_uchigowa posted on Jan 08, 2013 at 07:43AM
ℋello There everyone

I just deside to make a contest about Michael Jacksons Mucis Video .I just wanna see your amazing pictures with Michael Jackson so i make this contest but everyone of you will take a prize :D

1winner: 10 props
2 winner : 5 props
3 winner : 3 props
And all the another of you will get 2 props With love for our amazing singer :D so please if you want post your pics here ^_^

Round 1 : Michael Jackson 'Bad'
Round 2: Michael Jackson 'Thriller'
Round 3 :Michael Jackson 'Remember The Time'
Round 4:Michael Jackson 'Blood On The Dance Floor'
Round 5 :Michael Jackson Ft Janet Jackson 'Scream'
Round 6 : Michael Jackson 'Ghost'
Round 7 : Mickael Jackson 'You Rock My World'
Round 8 :Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal '
Round 9: Michael Jackson 'History'
Round 10:Michael Jackson 'The Way You Make Me Feel'

There Will be and more rounds Tell me your Ideas If you want to :D

First Round Mї¢ℌαεℓ Jα¢кs☺n Їη ฿ÅD

Michael Jackson 3 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LiveLoveDance said…
Here's my picture from the ''Bad'' video :D
 Here's my picture from the ''Bad'' video :D
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Vespera said…
MJ... looking hot in "Bad"...
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
 MJ... looking hot in "Bad"...
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cherl12345 said…
I love this photograph of Michael
 I pag-ibig this photograph of Michael