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 MJ'S CROTCH!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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OK: Michael How does it feel to be a father?
Michael:It was an incredibly joyful experience. Im in bliss 24 hrs a day.
OK:Can u talk us through the birth of your son?
Michael:It's hard to take step sa pamamagitan ng step, but the snapshots in my mind from the birth ipakita our nervousness and excitement. Debbie was so strong throughout the delivery. There were shouts of joy when the baby was born. I couldn't believe the miracle i had witnessed. It was unbelievable!
OK:Michael, describe the relationship between you and Debbie
Michael:Debbie and I pag-ibig each other for all the reasons you will never see on stage or in...
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 Michael's outfit
Michael's outfit
Michael was putting the finishing touches on dinner. He decided to go hurry up and pick out an outfit before holly returns home. He stood at the closet debating on what to wear, he finally decided to put on some black slacks, a red button down shirt, lofers and socks. With his hair hanging loosely down off his shoulders. As he was was getting ready he felt very nervous about this hapunan with Holly. He couldn't understand why, I mean they were married and its not like its a first date, so why should he be nervous? He walked out to the kusina to make sure everything for hapunan was ready and...
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mrs. fine was michael's tutor from 1969 to 1970 for six months while the jackson5 were on the troad she would tutor michael and his brohters all the four subjects that we study in school today which is math,reading.spelling.history

mrs.fine would always make sure that michael and his brothers were taught 4 hours a araw and made sure that they didnt go past there curfew while being on stage at night and in the morning

mrs.fine was michael's closest friend that he had while being on the road even though she was his teacher they still had a good teacher student bond she was a comfort...
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Michael leads holly into their bedroom, he slams the door shut. He started in on her right away "Holly who is that man?!?!" holly casually sits down on the plush kama "I told you he's my pesonal assistant." "Really, is that really what he is?" "Then what is he Michael?" Michael takes a deep sigh "Listen Holly, I don't like this one bit!" "Well tough Michael!" "Holly i'm not playing with you! You are MY wife and as MY wife there are certain people I don't want you associating with, especially that man out there!" "Why? Michael aren't you the one who always prides himself on saying 'don't...
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 The tuxedo Michael wears to propose to Taylor
The tuxedo Michael wears to propose to Taylor
The Weekend

I decided to take a nice, warm bath while Michael was away. He wouldn't tell me what he was leaving for and I wasn't allowed to know until tonight. But I knew I didn't have to worry because I trusted him. I wonder what Michael had plained for me. All I know is that I am going on a bangka ride with him and there is a surprise for me. Maybe he is going to propose to me tonight. That has to the be it unless there is something else he has plained for me. As I stepped into the tub, the heat of the water felt so good. It was just as warm as Michael when he finishes a music video and then...
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 Michael and holly on their honeymoon
Michael and Holly on their honeymoon
The susunod morning holly wakes up and sees Michael looking at her. "Hey" she says groggy. Michael kisses her "Morning baby, how did you sleep?" "Really good! But i'm sorry about last night you must have been disapointed." "No I knew you were tired so I just let you sleep." "And another question, how long have you been staring at me?" Michael chuckles "Oh for about an hour." "I don't know if I should be touched or grossed out right now!" "Oh stop it you know you like it!" They start to kiss. holly says between kisses "What time is it?" Michael looks at the clock "It's six. You know we could stay...
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 Michael on his wedding araw
Michael on his wedding day
Michael and holly went to Perth as planned while they were there holly got a very upseting phone call from her brother Kenny who sinabi Kate had commited suicide. holly became so distressed when hearing the news that Michael had the the wedding pushed back for two and a half months for holly to grieve.

Finally the wedding preperations got back in full bloom again. They decided on the petsa February 25, 1986. Unfortunatly the Grammy Awards would be that night but that is the only petsa the church had unless they wanted to wait till July. Michael told holly that he was planning one whole week for...
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[Warning: this chapter might make you cry.]
The Following Day
I woke up in the recovery room in the hospital. I looked around and I saw balloons and cards right susunod to my bed. I reached over and grabbed one of the cards and silently read it to myself. Soon, my nurse came in.
"Hey Rebecca, you alright this morning?" She asked.
I looked over at her and nodded a bit. "Yeah. I'm still in a bit of pain and I have a slight headache, but I'm good. Who dropped these off?" I asked, pointing to the cards and balloons.
"Oh, right. Your parents and brothers came and dropped them off while you were still asleep....
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 Look out...here's Captain EO! :D
Look out...here's Captain EO! :D
A few weeks later
Michael and Aislinn were on a plane, heading back to California...as husband and wife. It would take longer for the flight, but they were having fun. They watched Captain EO and she was giggling. She turned to Michael. "You made such a sexy captain, Michael." She told him. He smiled at her. "I still have the outfit in the closet at the house." He told her. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. "Really? You never got rid of it?" "Nope. Never did. I liked it. It was comfy and I couldn't get enough of it." "When we get back, you should put it on for me. Please?" He chuckled...
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No offense pls! Dont continue pagbaba if you are a hater...

YEP! He's ALIVE! Just like you had read! Michael Jackson fake his death for some important reasons... And ''Soon and very soon, we are going to see the king''...again... If you believe about the hoax... You are so called a ''ARMY OF LOVE'' a.k.a ''beLIEver''!! Please beLIEve in me! Every single thing was a hoax!! This is not a joke... It's true..! Noticed the video clip after the credits in This Is It? He sinabi ''LET ME BREATHE IN MY OWN TIME THEN I WILL COME BACK IN. I HAVE TO BUTTON MY SHIRT, MY dyaket OR WHATEVER IT IS. ilipat AROUND A LITTLE BIT. SNAP MY FINGERS MAYBE, THEN BAM!!!'' and the Gilda remake! And everything in This is It!!

People have different beliefs and I respect that... NO madami WAR! Heal The World... Remember, It's All For Love... <3
Many people hate lisa for leaving mj. They sinabi her pag-ibig was fake and some of them stupidly sinabi she married him for porpularity and money. hellow people... Lisa Marie has enough $$$$$$$$ and his dad is one of the most popular human on earth. (lets just focus on lisa and mj marriage and relationship).Michael jackson and Lisa marie presley were really in love. I don't think that they were faking and I don't think that they planned it either.

We can easily falling in pag-ibig with mj,by watching his video,listening his music,read his book,and stuff. But when it goes to be in the real relationship,...
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It's pretty shocking ... Joe Jackson is blaming the inaction of his wife, Katherine, for Michael Jackson's demise ... allegedly because Katherine didn't want to penetrate MJ's zone of privacy.
Joe sat down with News of the World to explain his theory, that he was concerned that Michael was "looking kinda funny and and frail" and asked Katherine to see Michael to "keep him cheered up." But Joe says Katherine refused because she didn't want to invade his privacy.

Joe says he and Katherine argued about it before Michael's death, but Katherine was firm.

Joe says after Michael died, he sinabi to Katherine, "I sinabi this would have never happened if you had went and been with him."

Joe -- who was intentionally cut out of Michael's will -- is fighting to get an allowance from the estate. And get this -- we're told Katherine has been giving Joe money and going along with his efforts to earn a living off MJ.
The famous actor spoke again about Michael Jackson, saying that the king of pop is an angel. In an earlier interview had sinabi it wants the return of the bituin as an angel, because he had tremendous influence in the world.

Characteristics told British GQ: «It is a great loss for us and even pray to return. We owe thanks to the Creator to send us an angel, yet like Michael. Because if it does not, we will lose madami than a man. "

"It would be very special if we send such a man on earth. Affected so many people, so many businesses, politicians, scientists, musicians, artists and many others and then we got? Probably not the saw as well as it had "completed sa pamamagitan ng Wesley.

Finally, the actor sinabi 47chronos encourages children to listen to the music of the legendary bituin every day.

All you gotta do is
Walk away and pass me by
Don't acknowledge my smile
When I try to say hello to you, yeah

And all you gotta do is
Not answer my call when I'm tryin' to get through
Keep me wonderin' why
When all I can do is sigh, I just wanna touch you

I just wanna touch and kiss
And I wish that I could be with you tonight
'Cause you give me butterflies
Inside, inside and I

All I got to say is
That I must be dreamin', can't be real
You're not here with me
Still, but I can feel you near to me

I caress you, let you taste and
Just so blissful, listen
I would give you anything, babe
Just make my dream...
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 Back cover of 'Thriller 25' album.
Back cover of 'Thriller 25' album.
Background Info
Written sa pamamagitan ng Michael Sherwood, David Paich, and Steve Porcaro during the Thriller sessions and recorded in 1990 as a contender for Michael's album Dangerous, but it wasn't released at the time.

This song then surfaced on the internet towards the end of 2002.

Final version released on the Thriller 25th Anniversary Album.

Open this link in a new tab/window.

The Lyrics
Sun comes up on this new morning
Shifting shadows, a songbird sings
And if these words could have kept you happy

I'd do anything

And if you feel alone, I'll be your shoulder
With a tender touch, you know me so well
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M emories of a man on trial from afar!

I ntwinned in inner thoughts of how innocent u are keeps the puso of the world at peace!

C hanneled sa pamamagitan ng unwanted thoughts,but a belief ur innocent!
Having God in place made a araw for victory for a man to be declared innocent and aquitted!

A lthough it was a araw of success we still have not come face to face to have met!

E ternity apart we have not found why life would have been perfect us to meet as strangers , friends, loves or just a short encounter in life! We know not why this happened, but we missed God's plan in 2005-2009.

L onely still in life as a single person listening to you are not alone Claudette in life, but I am, because never completed God's plan in life!
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