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The susunod day, Jenna is on her way back from the OB/GYN, she has found out she is having a boy and she cant wait to tell michael, that is if she could get him to listen...

"oh michael, where are you?" Jenna sinabi as she made her way through the maze of pathways under the stage. While she was looking for michael she ran into alicia. "Oh well if it isnt michael's bitchy best freind." Jenna sinabi sacastically. "Well i thought since i punched the shit out of you, you wouldnt say anything or approach me, that sure as hell shows just how dumb you are." Alicia said. "Really?", "Yea really, and dont...
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Diane never recalled ever crying so hard since the whole incident that almost made her lose michael. Diane loved Michael madami than anything. Diane hated the fact that they where always fighting and that they hardly ever spent time together anymore. Everthing seemed to be falling apart. Thinking of this made diane cry harder. Fianlly Diane gathered enough strength and managed to walk upstairs to the bedroom. Once she entered the room she rushed over to the kama where she began to cry once more. Diane didnt know how long she had been crying when she heard the bedroom door slowly open. Diane didnt...
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